Sunday, May 17, 2020

Sunday Supper - Summer Vegetable Casserole

Today's Sunday Supper recipe is from another one of those sites that won't allow me to share their photo.  :(  

But, the recipe sounds really good.  My husband and I are trying to eat a lot more vegetables than we normally do and this Summer Vegetable Casserole will help with that.  

healthy summer vegetables
photo courtesy of

I'm really excited about this summer's opportunity to eat vegetables.  I spent the last eight summers working at the theme park, eating nothing but chicken tenders and pizza, then more pizza from the gas station at 4 a.m.  I am very excited be home for summer meals of fresh vegetables and something off the grill.

Now, let's just hope and pray the vegetable stands open and the grocery stores stock a few vegetables.


  1. Veggies are hard to come by here still and none of the stands or Farmer's Markets are open. I miss sending The Mister down to the store to get me something fresh for dinner. Trying to plan meals weeks ahead for delivery has been a real drag.

  2. I am so glad you are able to really enjoy your summer this year. I am trying to eat a lot more veggies and I have a green smoothie everyday which helps! Stay safe.

  3. Pattern arrived, thank you!!! I need to stash dive to see if I have anything appropriate. Cast on needs to be soon, baby shower is the end of the month. Eek!

  4. None of our farm stands are allowed to be open yet but I hope that changes in the next few weeks when the veggies really start to hit peak season.

  5. Oh fresh garden veggies and fruits are so good in summer! You will find so many good ways to enjoy them. I love basil on almost anything.