Tuesday, May 12, 2020


I hope everyone had the best possible Mother's Day that they could have this crazy year.  I know it was pretty disappointing for many.  Mine was disappointing but it could have been much, much worse.  We had big plans this year because for the past eight Mother's Days, I was at work and didn't have a celebration.  No work for me this year!  But, at the last moment, my husband ended up working.  And his coworker's wife was hospitalized with covid-19 symptoms (thankfully her test came back negative and she just has 'regular' illness.)  And the MIL was taken out gallivanting around the state a few days before. Between the chance of the MIL being infected while she was out and not knowing what the status of the co-worker's wife was, and having a preemie newborn (seems like Hayden has been with us for ages but she's still considered a newborn) my son couldn't attend.  And I certainly understand that decision.  Don't mean to sound like I'm guilting him here.  I'm really not.

So our party was shrinking.

And then for reasons unknown, I had an allergic reaction to my towel when I stepped out of the shower and dried my face off Sunday morning.  In less than 30 seconds my face began to burn and itch and sting and it turned all red and got all....  well, it looked like I had 100's of zits popping up.  Not fully up, but coming.  You know the type.  The type you'd get when you were 16 or 17 and had a hot date for prom and you'd wake up with a red spot on your chin or the end of your nose.  And it burned!  And felt like 1,000's of bees were stinging me.  It was horrible.

So I called off the Mother's Day celebration completely and hid in my room.  Alone, with just my knitting and Kindle for company.  Honestly, it wasn't a bad way to spend the day.  Instead of having the BBQ my brother-in-law was going to bring, I ate a bag of chips for lunch.  A giant bag.  No fear of starvation here!  And my husband brought fried chicken home for dinner.  And my daughter made a cheesecake.

The cheesecake was delicious and frankly, I'm okay with skipping the Mother's Day thing this year.  It meant more cheesecake for me!

Garter stitch, mitered square and rectangle blocked blanket being knit with scrap yarns.
Rambling Rows Afghan

And what did I knit while hiding in my room?  Rambling Rows.  I can't stop knitting on this thing!  Before casting on, I'd set a self-imposed schedule of knitting five blocks a month.  It's only been 14 days and I'm already on block 15.  I am way ahead of schedule.  I don't get to say that very often!


  1. Honestly? I wouldn't have minded spending Mother's Day on my own, so I'm a bit jealous! I'm certainly jealous of that cheesecake -- looks delicious!

  2. Oh my gosh! What a day. I bawled through mine so there's that. At least there was that cheesecake!

  3. So sorry to hear of the debacle that was Mother's Day. But hey, wasn't it just like any other day as a Mom? Where our best laid plans went south and life happened. Hopefully life won't happen so much in the future?

  4. I'm glad you did enjoy Mother's Day, even if it didn't go as planned. Here's hoping that next year will be better.
    That blanket looks so good!

  5. I'm glad your day included two major food groups. sometimes company is over-rated! I started a crochet afghan for the 100 day project, thinking I'd be lucky to finish it by July 15. Now it looks like I might finish it by May 15 - addictive afghans are a good thing for sure!

  6. I'm sorry that the plans didn't go as you would have liked but I'm glad that things ended up okay and you enjoyed the day anyway.

  7. wow, that is a bummer about the rash but then knitting on Mother's day (which is what I did) is a glorious way to spend the day.

  8. So sorry about your reaction
    ! Do you know what set it off? New detergent? I am glad you had a quiet day to just relax and feel better. The cheese cake looks wonderful. Stay safe.