Friday, May 1, 2020

On the needles

Pardon the bad lighting.  It's dull and gray and raining.  Again.

An infant dress knit with Stroll Tonal washable fingering weight wool.

The seemingly never ending rain has one benefit though.  I'm cuddled up in the house knitting more than ever.  Clara is almost finished.  I only have a little bit more to go on the top section, then add the seed stitch borders and a button, and done!  With the exception of that button, it should be finished tomorrow.

I have 100% loved knitting this little dress.  I was worried about the variegation in the tonal yarn because I'd only seen photos of it knit in solids but I think the variegation worked out just fine.  

If you are interested, the yarn is Knit Pick's Stroll Tonal in Seashell.  It really does look like the inside of a conch shell.  It's also a little weird how the colors change depending on how close you are to it.  From a few feet away, it's pink and white, but when you get up close, the white is actually THE palest lavender.  And in some light, there may even be a little creamy white in there too.

Yarn choices for Kaffe Fassett Coins cowl.
Palette and Madelinetosh

 I need your help with the next project.  I'm going to knit a Kaffe Fassett polka-dot* Coins cowl from Mason Dixon's Field Guide No. 13.  The center skein in the photo is a definite and I'm trying to decide between the other two.   

The aqua on the left coordinates with the center skein better, but I LOVE the color of the blue on the right.  I also think the darker blue would look better with a variety of skin tones than the aqua.  (I'm not sure where the cowl will go once it's finished.)  So my question is, questions are, do I use both blues or only one, and if only one, which one?

*And for your enjoyment, my computer is insisting I want to type "pothead" not "polka-dot".


  1. The Clara dress is darling! Personally I like the dark blue better for the cowl. The lighter blue does coordinate well, but I think the dark blue will give you a better contrast and really make the design pop.

  2. Pothead - lol.

    I would use both blues! I would maybe even add another color - the more the merrier.

    Love Clara - that dress is just darling!

  3. I'm sure either skein would work but I think I would start with the teal and see if the contrast is enough. If not then switch to the dark blue. The baby dress is adorable!!

  4. Clara is wonderful! I've made socks with the Stroll tonal in seashell and enjoyed it very much and the colors are just as you discribed them.
    I'm terrible at choosing colors so you probably don't want my input. :-)

  5. Pothead...tee hee hee.
    That dress is just darling!
    I had to go look up that cowl pattern and it seems to that it's a case of the more the merrier. It looks like a really fun pattern.

  6. I like the dark blue much better and I think two colors.

  7. Just what have you been searching on your computer for? LOL I love the dress!!! For the cowl I say wrap a piece of thin cardboard with each color for at least 2" of width. Use the yellow main with the other colors on either side of it. and then more yellow on the outside of them. Then step away and see what your eye tells you. I think either would work, but I lean more towards the aqua. But then the blips of aqua in the yellow might not contrast enough with that skein.

  8. The dress is adorable! and casting my vote for all three skeins!

  9. Darling, darling dress my friend.