Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Flight Risk

I finished Clara.

Newborn dress knit with fingering weight wool.  <a href="https://shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=1435425&u=1446317&m=59159&urllink=&afftrack=">Stroll Tonal</a>
Clara knit with Petal Stroll Tonal from Knit Picks

Sadly, I don't have any photos of Hayden wearing it.  I'd hoped that her dad would have sent me some by now but in his defense, he is in the middle of moving.  Nothing like moving with a newborn in the midst of a pandemic.  I guess I'll have to cut him a little slack.  But only a little. 

The pattern was a breeze to knit.  I'll admit, I was not happy to see that it started off by casting on all those bottom hem stitches and knitting a bunch of seed stitch.  I don't like knitting seed stitch.  ... But it turns out, I didn't like seed stitch a million years ago when I first started knitting.  And apparently, I've avoided it ever since. Now, a million years later, I have no problems with it at all. Good grief!

As for my personal life, it's been rather strange lately.  

Last week, a bird flew into my window and "was dying" on the roof just below my window.  It was so sad and traumatic because I could see the bird breathing Very heavily but he wasn't moving and I assumed he was dying.  Then his little bird friend started flying around and hovering over him while squawking like mad.  That did no good so the bird friend landed beside him and began to peck at him until he began to move a little bit.  The bird friend still wasn't satisfied so he/she began to nudge the injured bird with his/her head until he rolled over a few times.  Eventually the injured bird got to his feet and hopped around but he couldn't fly.  But finally, with enough nagging and encouragement from his little bird friend, the injured bird took flight and flew away.  It was the most amazing and sweetest thing I think I've ever seen!

Then the other day, on one of those perfect weather days, my brother-in-law took the mother-in-law out for the day, we had an unexplained four hour power outage, and my husband and I spent the afternoon sitting on the deck listening to the birds chatter in the otherwise silence.  

And I made a friend.

A bumble bee started flying around me and was obviously interested in checking me out.  I can't deal with any other type of flying insects, but bumble bees (carpenter bees) don't bother me - much.  They seem friendly.  They hover around you and stare at you like they are saying hello.  

This bee definitely wanted to say hello.  I was busy knitting so I tried to sit still and not be too freaked out about the fact that he was flying so close to me that I could feel the wind from his wings.  

And then he landed on me and proceeded to crawl all over my calf and foot.  It was pretty cool, and quite terrifying and it tickled.  It really, really tickled.  I was afraid if I moved too suddenly, or even flinched, that he'd get freaked and sting me.  It took every ounce of willpower I had to remain calm and still for the 30+ minutes he crawled around on me.  All I can say is, thank goodness I had yummy yarn to focus on.


  1. I was really bothered with bees on Saturday when I had my little faux fiber fest. They were all over the place. All kinds. Big ones and small ones. I'm not brave enough to have them walk on me so I spent the afternoon running from them and being very careful as to wear I put my hands.
    I had a bird crash into our front door last winter and I had the same experience. I thought it was dead so I put it in the shed in a box until I could figure out what to do with it. When I went to get it to bury it...it flew away. Thank goodness.

  2. Oh my gosh. That dress is DARLING. Your son MUST take a picture of Hayden in it immediately!! LOL Birds can be so resilient, can't they? We have them fly into our patio door a lot (even though we have things plastered to it to prevent that), but they always seem to recover. Fortunately before Tyg finds them.

  3. The dress is adorable! I'm sure Hayden looks like a little princess in it.

    I don't think carpenter bees sting, but they will do damage by boring holes into wood. We've had issues with them getting into the house and have had to have the exterminator come.

  4. You are a brave, brave woman!!! LOL

    Hope you get your photo soon. The little dress is simply adorable and I know it will be over the TOP adorable with Hayden in it.

  5. That dress is so sweet. I know Hayden will be adorable wearing it.
    The story about the birds brought tears to my eyes. Wouldn't it be wonderful if humans were that encouraging to each other instead of "pecking away at each other all of the time?" I don't know how you sat still with the bee. I'm allergic to bee stings so I freak at anything resembling a bee, yellow jacket, etc.

  6. That knitted dress is SO cute, I'm going to have to remember this one in case I ever get a granddaughter some day. The bird story is adorable and I'm not sure I'd be that calm with a bee crawling on my foot for 30 minutes!

  7. Yikes l... Im pretty bee patient too though. Im not allergic. My biggest beef is that the ground bees are very dirty here and can cause a staph infection right quick

  8. Cant wait to see a picture of the dress on but you can keep the bees

  9. what a sweet dress! I hope you get that photo!! Well I cannot imagine letting a bee be that friendly to me you are brave. How nice it was to have a break and have some down time outside.

  10. I would have swatted at him the moment he started buzzing around!!! LOL. The dress is sooo sweet, but please do tell your son that you NEED cute photos to survive!! We don't want you going into withdrawal.