Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Drama, drama, drama

What a week!  Actually, what a two weeks!  They have been drama filled!  Nothing drastic or life ending, just drama, drama, drama.  There's been so much drama, I don't even know where to start.  Let's see if I can try to put things together in timeline format...

First, as of last month, I now have an endocrinologist.  I've been having some thyroid issues for a while and the day before the hospitals got locked down and no one could enter except on a stretcher via the emergency room, I had an ultrasound.  The ultrasound showed that I have several nodules on my thyroid, one of which is bigger than my thyroid and it's pressing on my trachea.  Well, that explains why I can't breathe properly if I put my arms up over my head!

So, my GP sent me to the endocrinologist who I absolutely love.  She ordered a biopsy but because the hospitals are still closed....  No biopsy yet.  

There have been a few dementia developments that I won't go into detail about, but they have certainly added to the drama.

The washing machine broke.  The washing machine that's located on the second floor.  Thankfully Lowes is still delivering and brought us a new one and even installed it.  They even installed it on the second floor!  Unfortunately, in the process, an old pipe behind the wall broke in the process and the entire washing machine full of water dripped through the ceiling on the first load washed.

The pipe got fixed and the refrigerator went on the blink.  We noticed that the milk didn't seem that cold yet the just brought home from the store on a hot day ice cream was hard as a rock after only 10 or 15 minutes in the freezer.  You know how ice cream gets a little mushy on the trip home from the store?  Yeah, well, our ice cream was so hard we couldn't scoop it.  We couldn't even cut it with a knife.  We had to microwave the whole container in order to melt it enough to even stab it with a knife!  

The next day was my birthday and after waking up to find the refrigerator wasn't even sort of cool (although the freezer is still freezing things solid) I went off to another visit with the endocrinologist.  Maybe I don't like her so much after all.  That's a joke.  I really do just love her.  But she diagnosed me with Hashimoto's and pre-diabetes.  On my birthday! She also put in another 'emergency' request for the biopsy because I'm now feeling like I can't breath properly when I lay on my side or tuck my chin to my chest.  

 I have never felt so old in all my life and I'm now taking more pills than Grandma.  But hey - at least I have a partial excuse for all the weight gain.  

Daddy giving Hayden bunny ears.

The birthday wasn't all bad though.  Hayden came for a visit and I got to snuggle with her for a bit.  It was her two month birthday so we partied hard despite her fussiness.  Poor baby - she had an ear infection.  And, as it turns out, she's already teething!  At her two month check up the next day, the doctor confirmed it.  Holding her head up And teething at two months!  Those poor parents are in for a wild ride!

The next day, the heat soared and our air conditioning wasn't blowing cold.  My brother-in-law worked on it and got it working thankfully.

The next day, we woke up to the air conditioning fiercely blowing ICE cold air while the radiators pumped out hot air although the heat was set on 68 and the a/c was set on 72.  (They are two separate systems.)  If you weren't near a radiator, it was painfully cold.  We turned the a/c up to 74 and the heat down to 64 and sat outside on the deck where it was warmer.  Mid day, the house was still freezing and the radiators were still cranking and the a/c was still blowing... so I turned the a/c up to 78 and the heat down to 60 and went back outside where it was hot.  After dinner there was still no change in the house's temperature so we turned the a/c completely off.... And it kept on running!  The a/c continued to run for over an hour after we turned it off.  It was like something out of a Stephen King novel.

So now we don't have a/c. 

But once again, a visit from Hayden saved the day.  We still don't have a/c but I got to snuggle with Hayden a little more so all is right with the world.  

Check out Hayden's shirt.  It says "I still live with my parents."  My blogger friend, Carole, made it for me/Hayden.  Thanks Carole!

Rambling Rows afghan

Meanwhile, thankfully, very, very thankfully, my knitting has been drama free.

Two toned shawl knit with fingering in garter and lace sttiches.
Scottish Highlands Shawl

Well, mostly drama free.  I want to knit all the things and I want to knit them all at once.  So of course, I'm not making much progress on any project because I keep putting one down to knit on the other.  Five minutes later, I put that one down and pick up the other... and the cycle continues. 

Drama, drama, drama!


  1. Oh goodness, that's a lot of stuff you've had going on! Thanks for the photo of Hayden in her shirt, it seems like I made that so long ago, it's wonderful to see her wearing it!

  2. Oh my gosh! That is way too much going on. I do hope you are feeling better. Little Harden looks so big already for 2 months!! She is a cutie. Love the shirt that Carole made.

  3. Oh boy, that's a lot of drama! I hope the next several weeks are free from any more, and I'm glad that your endocrinologist is looking out for you.

  4. Wow....you have been on a wild ride. I hope things start to calm down for you soon. Thank goodness you have your sweet baby for a diversion. She's such a cutie.

  5. Holy wow! Not fun. Hope stuff settles soon.

  6. You poor dear! When it rains? Just keep the drama out there, I don't need anymore of it here with a wedding coming up!

  7. Isn't that the way it goes all of the time? One thing happens and that's obviously not enough for Murphy because he then sends two or three more. I hope the house is done with the drama and so is your health. I'll be praying for a biopsy soon and that it's nothing serious.
    Little Hayden is a sweetheart. Two months for teeth! My goodness that's early.

  8. oh my ... that would be A LOT even without all this pandemic stuff. glad you got to enjoy some time with little Hayden, and especially glad that your knitting has been kind. (we haven't had to turn on our air conditioner yet ... even have windows open today! hopefully sending some of this cool air your way!)

  9. Oh my goodness, that's a lot of drama. I hope you get the biopsy you need soon and that they can sort something out with your thyroid. As for the household drama, it sounds like it's going to be an expensive time for you. Cuddles with gorgeous Hayden will put it all in perspective though.

  10. hopefully they will get your thyroid sorted out within a month or two!! that baby is super adorable :) I hope the dementia drama eases up but you are a living saint for all you do for her.

  11. oh I hope your thyroid nodules are all benign. I have had Hashimotos too. I ve had some lymph nodes that enlarge and then shrink on their own. Sounds like you need some intervention with the breathing difficulty. Love that your yarns are behaving.

  12. Hang in there. If I can do anything please let me know. You and the whole family are in my thoughts and prayers. Love the knitting projects. If you need more baby knitting patterns let me know. Hugs

  13. Sounds like you are in appliance hell. That happened to us a few years ago, we got hit by lightning and first the refrigerator went out, then the AC then the dishwasher. It was a very expensive few days. Hope things are better now. Hayden is adorable!