Thursday, April 16, 2020

Three on Thursday - Stash Busting

As much as I love LOVE receiving giant boxes of yarn in the mail, I have to admit, I'm enjoying this whole forced stash busting thing COVID-19 is causing. And thus, three more stash buster project ideas...

stash busting, stash buster sweater vneck, crew neck knitting pattern
Leftovers Sweater by Julie Philip
I love this idea and I especially love how the sweater on the right has been embellished with what I assume is embroidery.

simple hat knit with knits, purls and slipped stitches. Colorful knit hat.
Slip Stitch Stash Hat by Renee Rico
Or how about this beauty?  It always amazes me the effect a simple slipped stitch can have.

striped, pieced stash busting blanket, no-sew blanket or scarf or table runner knit, knitted, knitting
Northeasterly by Skeinanigans
Now, this is my kind of pattern.  I can knit for as long or short as I wish with a color before changing.  I can knit it long enough to be a full sized blanket, a baby sized blanket, a scarf, or even a table runner.  The knitter calls the shots!  A friend from my knitting group is knitting one of these and ever since I saw hers, I've been thinking I need to cast one on.  She's using her Advent kit yarns but I would just used stashed yarns.  Although.... it would be a good excuse to sign up for one of those kits.  Hmmm...

Hope you'll join me for Three on Thursday.


  1. I really like that hat! Seems like it would be great for all the little bits and leftovers I have in my stash.

  2. It's amazing what we can knit right from our own stashes! Thanks for these great ideas. :-)

  3. Great ideas for knitting through the stash!

  4. Great ideas and I, too, LOVE the hat pattern. Also the afghan/blanket one...but since I just (finally) finished a blanket.....

  5. Beautiful stash busters! I think I have the last one in my queue. I'm always am planning something for all my leftover sock yarn and then never do it.

  6. That's why I love my Coziest Memory Blankets. You can use up all your little bits and pieces.

  7. I have the Northeasterly pattern but haven't made it yet. I also have my Cozy Memory Nine-Patch on the go all of the time. I love using up my scraps and pieces.

  8. Oh, those are all beautiful! I love those sweaters!

  9. Cant wait to see what you pick to do.

  10. I love the idea of using up yarn that has been saved from other projects. Something about it seems so satisfying!

  11. I love the idea of knitting with scraps. It makes me more adventurous and creative. Also I find it fun because I'm not so worried (well as worried as I ever get over knitting) about doing anything wrong. I've seen that blanket and it looks like fun.

  12. Oh, I love that same sweater! And how easy would that be. I am thinking I have enough of a brown worsted to do the same with lots of colorful leftovers to use.