Thursday, April 9, 2020

Three on Thursday - Baby Knits

Three baby or toddler patterns for today's Three on Thursday...

Infant and toddler hat, cap or bonnet, hand knit, knitting pattern
Baby Bear Bonnet by Pernille Larsen
Hayden will need a bear hat this coming winter.

Baby Yoda by Arianna Soloway
So, okay, Grandma is loosing her memory.  Hayden's mom is either a Star Wars or a Star Trek fan.  I have a 50/50 chance that this would be a happy addition to Hayden's wardrobe.

baby and toddler cardigan knitting pattern worsted weight
Tiny Tea Leaves Cardigan by Melissa LaBarre
I'm pretty excited about this pattern.  Karen from Pumpkin Sunrise gifted me this Tiny Tea Leaves cardigan pattern and I know it will get lots of use!  The smallest size is a 2T though so it may be a while before I knit the first of what I'm sure will be many.  In the process of 'borrowing' that photo off Ravelry, I noticed there's also a Baby Tea Leaves pattern designed for baby's first year or two.  I just might have to purchase that one myself.

Hope you'll join me for Three on Thursday.


  1. Oh I can't wait to see all your baby knits. All the patterns are so cute. Have fun!

  2. What adorable baby knits!!! Those bear hats are so cute. My youngest Grand has one and he looks so sweet in it. I didn't make it. His other grandmother brought it home for him from China last year and he loves it. I wish I had thought of it It's hard to rack up any grandma points at a distance.

  3. Such cute little patterns! I love the Tea Leaves cardigan, and have been thinking of making that for a grand-niece on this way this summer. Happy knitting! :-)

  4. Those are all such cute little patterns. I have knit a sweater for my granddaughter from size 3 months to the size 7 she now wears. She informs me of when the sleeves are "too short again Grandma" and I happily get my needles out. I've made her many sweaters, but this pattern is her favorite. There's nothing like knitting for an appreciative grandchild. She has 5 different sweaters that fit her right now and she wears them constantly. She also requests mittens for friends, baby blankets for expectant teachers, etc. She knows Grandma will never tell her no. It's what I do!

  5. Even a non-Star Wars fan would HAVE to love that "The Child" sweater and hat.

    The Tiny Tea Leaves is adorable too.

  6. Baby knits ... happy sigh! Little Hayden is going to be dressed in knitted style! (and a warm grandma hug!)

  7. I love the little bonnets with ears, how cute. We don't have any babies in the family, such a shame as I love knitting baby garments.

  8. Go Gma go!!! You can knit those up in no time. Love your Swoncho!