Friday, April 10, 2020


I'm still Swonchoing.

Sweater/poncho knit with Wool of the Andes
Ninilchik Swoncho

Hey - if "swoncho" is a word now, so is "swonchoing."

Anyway, the swoncho is coming along.  I just hope it grows a lot during the blocking process.  It was supposed to be a me-sized swoncho, not an extra petite sized one.  Either way, it will be okay because by the time I get this beast finished, Hayden will be big enough to wear it!

By the way, if you are interested, I'm knitting it with Wool of the Andes from Knit Picks and, Knit Picks is back to shipping.  Yay!

Stay healthy and home.

Knit on...


  1. of course swanchoing is a word ;-) and I am delighted to see that Knitpicks is shipping again. I just finished my first sweater in Lindy Chain and for sure I need another one!

  2. Jeannie, it's amazing! I'm sure it'll block out quite a bit -- wool is wonderful like that.

  3. After reading your comment the other day I was really excited to see your progress. You did not disappoint! That thing is gorgeous. Well done!!!

  4. beautiful swancho and I love the colors, won't that be a cosy knit when it is finished???!!!

  5. Your Swoncho is GORGEOUS!! Love it. And I think you are making great progress.

  6. It's beautiful and you'll have it done in no time.

  7. Oh I love the reds and black s and it looks fuN!

  8. It is really beautiful. Well done! Stay safe!