Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Seven inches?

So, who else has knit a Ninilchik Swoncho?  

Fair isle sweater/poncho https://www.jgknits.com/2020/04/swonchoing.html
Ninlichik Swoncho

Did you have an issue with the sleeves?  I know I'm tall and have long orangutan arms but...  

The way this swoncho is designed, the arm holes hit just above the elbow and the directions say you should make the arms seven inches long.  In other words, the pattern thinks the distance between my elbow and wrist should be seven inches.  Nope!  Mine measures a tad over eleven inches.  

Another oddity about the arms on this sweater/poncho/swoncho...  I'm knitting the size 2 so my arms are 78 stitches.  If I was knitting socks with this same yarn, I'd knit on 48 - 54 stitches for the legs.  And my legs are Much fatter than my wrists and still somewhat fatter than my forearms.  Knowing this and the fact that I don't like my sleeves to be too loose, I went down a couple of needle sizes for the arm ribbing.  After knitting about five inches I tried it on and... I could barely get my arms through the sleeves!  The ribbing was all stretched out funnily.  

I ripped that ribbing out and reknit it with the correct needle size and... It fits perfectly.  How is that possible??


I just measured my forearms and my calves with a tape measure.  It's quite possible that my arms are fat.  My forearms measure a full inch bigger around than my calves. 

In the infamous words of my mother, "Dammit all to Hell!"

Fat arms or not, this sleeve will be done before bedtime and other sleeve should be finished within a day or two.  The end is in sight!


  1. It looks great, and I'm sorry it's given you some headaches recently. I think everything will relax a bit when you block it, but I wouldn't hesitate to add more length to the sleeves if you think you need it.

  2. I know I shouldn't be laughing but....and funny you should mention fat arms because just last night I was looking in the mirror and thinking the same thing about mine. I haven't actually measured them yet and compared and now I'm going to make sure I don't. I have enough to feel bad about at the moment and a house full of junk food...lol.
    It is a pretty thing though. I love that yoke.

  3. The knitting is lovely . . . even though it's causing you frustration! Carry on with hope!

  4. That is so pretty - sorry about the headaches. 7" is not nearly long enough! Elbow to wrist for me is closer to 12"!!

  5. The color work on that sweater is STUNNING.

    Sometimes yarn makes no sense. I had a 100 gram ball of yarn. I knit socks with it and still had 40+ grams left. It wasn't terribly thin yarn. How did I get TWO socks out of less than 60 grams? It's a mystery for sure.

  6. Elbow to wrist for me is 12 inches! My vote is 7" isn't long enough and just keep going until it's the length YOU want it, not what the pattern says. It is a gorgeous sweater.
    Let's not talk about fat anything my friend. Days of sitting in the house inactive with lots of junk and comfort food are taking their toll. And really? I don't even care right now. I know I will eventually but it seems the least of my worries at the moment.

  7. Yay! And will it be cool enough to wear at least once? LOL Can't wait to see it.

  8. You're SO CLOSE! and just think how sweet the end is gonna be!

  9. I agree with Mary...its going to be gorgeous. And your arms are not Fat

  10. no matter what it is beautiful!!!