Friday, April 3, 2020

On the Needles

Well, the "stay at home" mandate is tough mentally, but good in other ways.  My 40th high school reunion has been postponed from June until sometime in the fall.  Although I'm very much looking forward to seeing everyone, this is great news.  It gives me a few more months to loose those 50 pounds and excess wrinkles.  (Anyone know how to non-surgically get rid of wrinkles??)  It also means the weather will be cooler which is always good news.  Showing up with three chins is one thing, showing up with three sweaty chins is another.

And of course there's been more time for knitting.

Hitchhiker shawl knit with Knit Picks Special Reserve Stroll in Petal pink.
Petal Hitchhiker

My Hitchhiker now has 35 teeth.  And since the pink wrapper on the Easter Peppermint Patties matches the shawl, I don't feel the least bit guilty about eating them.

part sweater part poncho; poncho with sleeves; sleeved poncho; fair isle knitting, Knit Picks Wool of the Andes yarn
Ninilchik Swoncho

And...  The Hitchhiker has been abandoned while I knit obsessively on my Swoncho.  I've been torn about knitting one of these for a while now.  Several people from my knitting group have knit one and they all seem to love wearing it and I've been wanting to knit some kind of colorwork sweater for a while now but....  I worry that every time I move my arms, my belly will hang out.  Not a good look for me!  I plan to make mine a little longer than the pattern calls for but still...  

Whether the swoncho covers my belly or not, it's a fun knit.  I'm enjoying the colorwork, even the rows with three colors.  Working with three colors really isn't any more difficult than working with two.  The first couple of stitches were iffy, then the process just fell into place.  Easy peasy!  

I hope it's going to look all right.  I'm using stashed yarn so my color scheme was limited.  My daughter tells me the purple and red are hideous together but I like the combination.  What worries me is that there's not much contrast between the purple and the dark gray.  And the more I look at it, there isn't that much contrast between the red and purple either.  I hope it doesn't end up looking like dull stripes of color against the light gray background.  Oh well.  If it doesn't work, it's not like I don't have more yarn.  I can always try again.

What's keeping you busy while you stay home?


  1. I like your color combination! Remember that color choice is very subjective, and it's only important that you like it!

  2. I am knitting a lot and reading a lot when I can pay attention. Your hitch hiker is BEAUTIFUL. The colors in that skein shine with that pattern!

  3. Petal is fabulous! And, I really like your color choices for Swoncho (I had not noticed that pattern previously....). I think it wll be gorgeous. I would have to make mine longer too - lol.

  4. Knitting is keeping me busy as well. I'm really enjoying getting projects done, but I'm really looking forward to getting back to normal activity too.

  5. Working on keeping up with 3 quilt alongs, and failing! But I am not on a deadline. Today is for quilting a baby quilt for the great niece who is coming in June!! And maybe I will get back to my shawl knitting to have it to wear on Easter? I mean, who doesn't want to look their best for the Easter Service Zoom gathering? LOL

  6. I like your color choices and it's really up to you anyway isn't it? You're the one who will be wearing it.
    I'm spending time watching utube videos on travel and knitting and actually crocheting and knitting. My life hasn't changed a whole lot since I stayed home most of the time anyway.

  7. Yes, color choices are very personal and subjective - I think your palette is fun! (and I love the silver lining you've found for the delayed reunion!)