Friday, April 24, 2020

A pool or a pond

It's looking like our pool is going to be more of a pond this summer if we don't hurry up and do something about fixing it.

Infant dress knit with fingering weight washable wool from Knit Picks
Clara knit with Stroll Tonal

Sorry for the scary photo of my legs but I was enjoying the sunshine while we have it.  It's supposed to be rainy for the next four or five days.  

Notice my little red Bug in the background?  I'm so happy.  She's finally driveable again.  I missed Little Red this past winter.

But you want to know about the knitting, not about how much I've missed my car.  I finished the Swoncho and will share a photo once it's blocked.  Unblocked, it's a sorry looking thing!  I was worried about the fair isle section being too tight.  It's not.  It's actually a pretty perfect fit.  But the solid part at the bottom....  Good Lord!  There's enough room for six pregnant me's in there!  My prayer is that when it's blocked, it will hang better.  At the moment, the ribbing is folding up a little even though I knit it a half inch longer than the pattern called for.  On top of that, I can't decide if I should have knit the whole thing a bit longer.  I added several inches to the pattern's recommendation but.....  I'm hoping and praying blocking will fix it because I really, really don't want to have to rip the ribbing and try to pick up 400+ loose stitches.

And with the completion of the swoncho, I immediately cast on Clara for Hayden.  I think this will be a fairly quick knit.  I'm using Seashell Stroll Tonal and am praying it will look okay.  All the examples I've seen have been knit in solid colors and this tonal has a lot of color fluctuation in it.  I think it will be alright though.  And hey, if it's not, well, I'm knitting the three month size.  She can spit up on it a few times and then outgrow it in a week or two.

Hope you are enjoying some warm sunshine where ever you are.  Happy knitting!


  1. Clara is a darling pattern! I think it will be adorable in that yarn. I can't wait to see your Swoncho all finished. Can't believe it's warm enough for bare legs. I'm still in leggings and sweatshirts here in PA. I don't think it's gotten to 50 all week!

  2. The pink is very pretty.

    No sunshine here today ...... just plenty of rain. :-(

  3. Clara will be adorable! I'm sure it'll be fine in that yarn. And enjoy getting that Vitamin D! I'm in PA like Vera and have still been wearing wool sweaters and socks, plus it's raining just about every day. I'd love to have some sunshine.

  4. my husband wants to open our pool early but then we have no pool store to buy the chemicals. I'm sure we could get them on line though. Love the sunny photo of hopeful weather in the wings.

  5. Lol.....I love the leg shot. It's been too cold and windy here to get any sunshine and today it's raining. I'm covered in blankets at the moment and wearing a hat-indoors. April started out with a bang but now it's a fizzle-weather wise.

  6. A pool! Lucky you! I wish I could be outside with no coat or sweater. We had one day of warmth. One. It's been back in the 40's and 50's since then.

  7. Get that pool up and running so you can enjoy it when it really turns warm. Happy knitting!

  8. Blocking can sort out all manner of problems so I hope you find your Swoncho is just perfect once it's done. We've had some gorgeous weather here just lately but rain's forecast this coming week, I hope it doesn't last.

  9. We still haven't had a warm enough day for anything shorter than long pants! I try to sit in the sun but the breeze has too much cold air in it. LOL. I think the yarn will be fine for the dress.

  10. That dress will be precious. And I do hope you get a POOL ... this is going to be the perfect summer to have something entertaining to do at home!