Tuesday, March 3, 2020


I can't remember if I ever showed you the yarn I bought recently.

Worsted weight wool, green and blue, glows like a mermaid tail
Cascade 220 Wave from Center of the Yarniverse

It was one of those sort of/sort of not spur of the moment purchases.  I wanted to knit a Felix cardigan because, well, I think I'm the only knitter left on the planet who hasn't knit one.  Besides, I love the ragland detail on the Felix.  I didn't have a sweater quantity of acceptable yarn at home so....

Of course, this yarn is not acceptable for Felix either.  It's Cascade 220 Wave worsted.  Felix calls for bulky.  I didn't care.  I had to have that yarn!  HAD to!  The greens and blues called to me and I was powerless to say no to yet another pile of yarn for my stash pile.  

I thought about adding a strand of something else to it to make it work for a Felix but I was afraid of messing up the yarn's glowy color.  It reminds me of a sparkly mermaid tail.  I absolutely LOVE it!

So, as soon as I cast off that last stitch on the Wool of the Andes shawl, I immediately grabbed this yarn and cast on.  

Very easy to knit top down ragland with simple rolled cuffs knit with Cascade 220 Wave
The beginnings of a top down ragland sweater.

I was both so lazy and so excited to start knitting with it, I didn't even find a pattern.  I just started a plain top down ragland and guessed at the cast on stitches.  I'm basing it on my memory (yikes!) of  a simple ragland from Green Mountain Spinnery.  I've knit that sweater many, many times so I think I'll be okay winging it.  Fingers crossed!

And yes, I'm using my in omnia paratus stitch marker.  With this gorgeous yarn, I am ready for anything!

Speaking of in omnia paratus... Several of you asked about a link for purchasing the Gilmore Girls bag I mentioned a while back.  I've been slow responding because Organized Chaos Yarns was in the middle of a website change/upgrade and it wasn't accessible.  But they are up and running just fine now.  You can find a link to their Gilmore Girl collection here.


  1. You're not the last one to knit a Felix -- I haven't either! I bet if you use the numbers from a generic raglan, as you're doing, you could put in the lace detail from Felix on the raglan lines.

  2. That is gorgeous yarn. No wonder you had to have it!!

  3. I had to go look up that cardi and it is sweet! It's going in the queue. Yours is going to look amazing in that color.

  4. That is a gorgeous yarn.

    I also checked out the link to the yarn shop. WOW! It looks really nice. We get down to Virginia to visit our son, but unfortunately your shop is quite a bit south of where we go.

  5. What a pretty color yarn. I think I'm going to go check out that yarn shop. Thanks for the link.

  6. My, that yarn just glows!!! Can't wait to see the sweater take shape.

  7. That will be such a beautiful sweater! I can imagine you had to have that yarn.

  8. Well you make me not the last one! I love the color!!! it's going to be gorgeous when you finish it and it's a fast knit.