Friday, March 20, 2020

Timing is everything

Boy, did I time that right!  Thankfully I finished the ragland sweater late Wednesday night while the high temperature was still in the upper 50's.  It's a big, wool sweater and warm on the lap.

hand knitting a sweater for my grandchild. Simple and easy ragland sweater. Colorburst yarn from Universal Yarn
top down ragland, size 2T

Yesterday it climbed into the 80's and I spent the day on the porch knitting another, much smaller version of the same sweater.

I now have three sunburned toes.  They sort of match my yarn.

Speaking of yarn, that's Tropical Sunset Colorburst from Universal Yarn.  This is the second project I've knit with Colorburst.  It's not cashmere soft but it's not horrible and for the price, it's pretty dang awesome.  Two year old Hayden probably won't want to wear it without a t-shirt on underneath, but it will be a great sweater to throw on before she goes outside to play.

And because we can't seem to have a conversation these days without mentioning the "C" word....  I hope you are healthy and have a well stocked pantry and bathroom.  I can't believe it's been over a week and our grocery store shelves are still empty.  No paper products, no meat or cheese and not close to a fully stocked fresh vegetable section.  I guess I should just be glad they have bread now since the only meat items they do have is frozen hamburgers and chicken patties.  Yeah, this was a great time for me to fail my cholesterol test.

Oh well.  I have yarn and that's what matters.


  1. Those are such pretty and happy colors. We need happy right now. I sat on our back deck yesterday too. It got up to 59F and felt SO good in the sun. It was the first time outside this spring and a good way to celebrate the change of seasons. I even drug the patio furniture out of the shed so I had something to sit on!
    Our grocery store is the same. I'm starting to get concerned. The powers that be say there are plenty of groceries so what's happening? Are people still panic buying when things are put on the shelves?
    Take care of yourself and knit on! Thank goodness for yarn.

  2. Tell your daughter to come here, I have internet and almost fully stocked groceries!! The yarn looks yummy! It will be perfect to go over a t-shirt for extra warmth.

  3. My grocery store is out of odd things . . . but only intermittently (thank goodness). I hope yours is re-stocked soon. XO

  4. Our shelves are the same.

    While I am very careful about what I eat and make sure to balance my insulin to my food, I fear that is going to get very difficult if this continues. I am not going to sweat my next A1C and I'm betting my doctor won't either.

    The color for Hayden's sweater is going to be SO fun.

  5. I'm very confused by what seems to be out at the supermarket, but I know they're regularly restocking. I think we're going to be in this situation for a while, so we're all going to have to get used to making do with what we can find.

  6. I picked up one of the last boxes of frozen burgers in our store yesterday, no chicken, turkey, nothing. I did get lots of green which is essential for my green smoothly every morning so I was thrilled about that. Stay well!

  7. I hope your stores stock up soon! I am venturing out today and will see what is there (and what is not...).