Thursday, March 12, 2020

Three on Thursday

Three Very random things...

1. My apologies if you've attempted to leave comments on my posts over the last few days.  Spam comments were being left so frequently that I made a few security changes and being technologically challenged, I may have messed it up.  And then on top of that, I set it so that I have to approve your comments before they show up for the public to see... then forgot to check my email to approve them.  Hopefully I've fixed the glitch I created and learned my lesson and will remember to approve the comments going forward. Hopefully.

top down ragland pullover, self striping yarn, self fading  wool; wool jumper
Cascade 220 Wave Ragland Sweater

2.  My Wave sweater is coming along.  I'm still not sure the stripes and/or bright color will look good on me but who cares.  I'm having fun knitting it.  The color changes every few rounds so it's never boring even with all that stockinette.  And yes, the weather has been nice enough to do lots of outdoor knitting.  Yay!

3.  That grand baby of mine still has not arrived.  I'm trying to be patient but....  I do feel a little bit bad for Mama though.  The doctor has instructed her to 'naturally induce' labor which means she's supposed to do squats, eat a lot of pineapple and drink castor oil.  I could deal with the pineapple but the rest....  

Join me over at Carole's for today's Three on Thursday link up.


  1. Your sweater is looking great!

    I'm sure the baby will come soon -- no one has been pregnant forever!

  2. what a pretty sweater! and oh ugh, castor oil .... !!!!

  3. The sweater looks like so much fun to knit! Color-changing yarn is just magical, isn't it? So much faster than plain-colored yarn! And sending the good juju for your daughter-in-law. It's no fun to be waiting . . .

  4. Love this sweater!! Love the yarn you showed the other day. Sorry baby is refusing to come out, but can you blame the poor thing, would you want to come out with all the hysteria about Corona! LOL

  5. Wow--never heard of the pineapple! The best advice I had was 'intimacy'...seems to stimulate things. I think I'd take that over castor oil :) Good luck with the techno glitch. Those get me so agitated!

  6. Oh, dear, that does sound a bit harsh. I don't know about that castor oil. Having a baby is messy enough without adding to it.
    The sweater is GORGEOUS!! Wow.

  7. Never heard of eating pineapple to induce labor. You learn something new....
    The sweater is gorgeous. I love how the colors fade into each other.
    I had to moderate comments on my blog a long time ago because there were some doozies coming through. Some people seem to have nothing better to do than set up computers to send nonsense to blogs. How sad. Most of them didn't even make any sense. It does take remembering to check email though to approve comments. I hope you have it all taken care of now.
    Fingers crossed for a baby today!

  8. Love the sweater - super color and fun changes in color.

    That baby - she will come - as someone above said, no one has been pregnant forever. But ugh for castor oil - not sure I could do that! I never heard of pineapple either!

  9. The colors in your sweater are fabulous! Here's hoping that grandbaby decides to arrive very soon!