Thursday, March 5, 2020

Three on Thursday - Sweater Choices

I'm still madly in LOVE with the yarn I'm using to knit my newest ragland sweater but to be honest, I am starting to worry I'm going to look like the Jolly Green Giant when I wear it.  I'm also struggling with how to introduce the next skein without a weird line showing up and/or wasting yarn.  I'm concerned I won't have enough yarn because I was planning to knit something else when I purchased it.  Yardage is going to be very, very tight.  Maybe I could solve the problem by loosing 50 pounds in the next, say, 20 minutes when I'll be ready to separate the arms from the body.  

I doubt seriously I'll loose those 50 pounds so ....  Plan B - buy more yarn.

But, meanwhile, adding the next skein continues to be a problem.  The first time I introduced a new skein, I "faded" it by doing a couple of single row stripes of each but....  I was left with a 20+/- inch tail of the old yarn and by the end of the sweater, those 20 inches could be a make or break thing.

The second skein, I did a row of alternating single stitches of each color.  But again, that meant using both yarns for one row.  Too wasteful.  If you have any suggestions, please post them!

Since I spent yesterday at the doctor's being drained of blood and finding out I'm over weight and have a thyroid problem, I didn't get much knitting done or have a chance to take any new photos.  I do have an excuse for the weight though.  It's not the cookies, it's the thyroid!  Or at least that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Okay, okay....  Let's stay on track here.  I didn't take any photos.  So instead, I'll show you what the Cascade 220 Wave yarn would have been if I hadn't been too lazy to walk across the room to grab a pattern at the very moment I decided I must cast on.

Felix cardigan pattern knit with bulky weight yarn

At first it was going to be a Felix cardigan, but that calls for bulky and the Wave is worsted.  I really, really love that ragland detail though.  One day...

Simple cropped pullover knit with worsted weight wool

After another brief Ravelry search, I set my sights on Hibernal.  I like the simplicity of it.  I also really like the loose body but tighter arms.  I don't care for big, bulky, floppy arms on my sweaters.  I want them loose enough to push up the sleeves if necessary, but not floppy.  These sleeves look perfect.

Harry Potter sweater cardigan
Hogwarts House Cardigan

And then my Harry Potter Knitting Magic book arrived.  I decided to knit the Hogwarts House Sweater.  But in the moment, I was tired and lazy and wanted instant stitching.  Apparently walking across the room and opening a book wasn't instant enough.  Plus, I'd have had to swatch.

Join me over at Carole's for today's Three on Thursday link up.


  1. If you figure out what to do with that extra poundage let me know. Even after living on a miserable diet for the past few months and spending the day hauling wood I can't get mine to budge. Getting old stinks.

  2. You know, I'm wondering if you held a fingering weight yarn alongside your worsted if it would work out to bulky for the Felix. Just an idea -- it would also make transitions between skeins easier.

  3. Oh dear, Hibernal is gorgeous! I may need to take a look at that one. Gee, I wonder if my weight gain could be a thyroid issue...but I've had blood work and that has never been mentioned. I'm blaming age because I'm living on raw veggies and that's not working. Sux big time!

  4. I'm glad to hear that somebody else has times when they are too lazy/tired/just don't want to walk across the room for something. In my case it's often that I'm too lazy to go upstairs, so there is that climbing stairs to contend with ...
    Sometimes the urge to cast on NOW is just too hard to resist!

  5. I'm loving how your brain works here! :-) All good choices. My s-i-l made Felix and it is gorgeous! She did use lopi though...scratch scratch!

  6. I like all of those patterns. I would like to make myself a sweater but I keep procrastinating and saying I'll do it when I lose weight. Hmmm. I've been saying that for years, maybe I should just make a sweater that fits now.

  7. I am sure that no matter which you select, it will look great. Not losing 50 lbs. in 20 minutes? :)

  8. All three of those sweaters look like ones that MUST.BE.KNIT!

  9. Some pretty sweater patterns here. I didn't realize that the Felix cardigan was knit in bulky weight yarn. I have thought about knitting it but would have to do some gauge Math. I don't like to knit or wear bulky weight sweaters.

  10. So sorry to hear about your health issues! Hope you find some solutions for that soon.
    I love all three sweaters, but I can totally imagine you didn't feel like picking one. I'm not only to lazy to find one and swatch and things, but I also find it too much work to follow the instructions... Winging it seems easier, but yeah, sometimes you just mess up ;-)

  11. Love all the sweater choices. I have knit two Felix pullovers--and one of them is worn so much it's more or less my uniform.

  12. Please make the Felix cardigan because it is on my list to make and I think it is the perfect sweater!

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