Thursday, March 26, 2020

Three on Thursday - Stash Busting

We're all stuck in our homes, the grocery stores are empty and our local yarn shops are closed. The only thing left to do is dive into that yarn stash pile.  Thank goodness for a giant yarn stash!  I don't know what those poor knitters who don't stash will do.  My heart goes out to them.

Besides stashing yarn, I'm also very, very happy about my tendency to hoard hand lotions.  My family have always made fun of me for it, or more honestly, been irritated with me over it, but they aren't complaining now!  With all this hand washing, we're going through some hand lotion!

But back to knitting and yarn....

What can we knit with all that stashed yarn?  Assuming the majority of your stash is like mine and made up of mostly fingering weight, single skeins rather than sweater quantities of gorgeous hand dyed yarns....  What can a knitter knit?  Other than the 10-stitch and mitered square blankets that instantly come to mind when planning a stash busting project, that is.  And free, since so many of us are out of work due to the nasty "C" word....
Yarn End Mittens by Kathy Lewinski

How about a pair or two of Yarn End Mittens?  They'd definitely be a great way to use up some small scraps of leftover yarn.
The Age of Brass and Steam by Orange Flower Yarn

Looking to use up a full skein?  How about knitting The Age of Brass and Steam?  As written, the pattern is for a kerchief but it could easily be made larger by knitting more pattern repeats.
Smitten by Emily Ivey

Or, perhaps you'd like to get ahead on the holidays.  This mitten garland would be adorable hanging just about anywhere in your house and you could even tuck little gifts or candies into them.  Individually, they'd make great tree ornaments and/or gift toppers.  The pattern is Smitten by Emily Ivey.

I hope you are all surviving this COVID-19 ordeal and will join me over at Carole's for today's Three on Thursday link up.  

Stay well, stay sane, and knit on!


  1. Great projects! The Yarn End Mittens remind me of the Coins pattern by Kaffe F. in MDK's 13th Field Guide!

  2. Those mittens are fab! They'd be great for little leftover bits of yarn.

  3. I love ALL those projects! And I'm sorry to say I think anyone would have plenty of time to do all three..

  4. I love those Yarn End Mittens! Gorgeous!! Wow! (and I have knit The Age of Brass and Steam - it is such a cozy knit!)

  5. What lovely suggestions! The little mittens, especially, are so sweet. Happy knitting!

  6. All lovely patterns!

  7. I don't think any knitter will ever have to justify their stash after this! Thanks for all the patterns - love those mittens!

  8. I love the Yarn End mittens and that garland is just adorable!

  9. Those are such great patterns. I've saved them all! I appreciate the ideas.

  10. Thankfully, I have yarn to carry me through.

    I was going to print out the Age of Brass and Steam. Then I realized it was written for DK weight. :-(

  11. I had started a 10-stitch afghan before this. It is getting more attention than I though it would, due to enforced 'stillness'. I love the brass and steam and have made a couple of them and was thinking it might be time to make another. :) And no lack of yarn here. What we used to think was SABLE (Stash Aquisition Beyond Life Expectancy, might be paying for itself now?

  12. We are doing ok. I have never been so happy to have a yarn stash in all my days. I never had much guilt about having plenty of yarn. Now I have none.

  13. What a great idea to share this list, thank you! I'm thinking it might be time to bust out a few long languishing WIPs and finish or frog!