Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Oh froggers!

I know you've been waiting with baited breath...

My Hitchhiker went from an oddly shaped and ill-fitting completed body to

piles and

piles of yarn.  Frogging it was pretty disappointing, but not as painful as I expected it to be.  Honestly, I never really liked the sweater from the begging.  I think I was only knitting it because of peer pressure.  I love the idea of an oversized sweater but I'm not a fan of reverse stockinette and that much positive ease, not that my sweater had any but...  Anyway, that much positive ease would have made me look like I was wearing a circus tent.  In the end, I'm okay with having frogged it.  I've also already found a new pattern to try.  

super simple and easy to knit stuffed cat with embroidered face.

Meanwhile, while I binge watched the entire first season of Stranger Things, again, I knit Sleepy Kitty from Baby Knits Made Easy.   Hayden needs a toy.

Hopefully Hayden likes kittens with devil horns instead of ears.


  1. Oh, painful! But sometimes frogging is all you can do. Hope the new pattern will work out better for you.
    I love the kitty, despite the horns ;-) (maybe too much filling in the ears?)

  2. It's always a big sad to frog a big project, but it also feels like a freeing moment to me -- now you're free to use that pretty yarn for something else!

  3. I think the kitty is cute. Believe I'll be frogging a sweater I started...???...a year ago maybe? Just not thrilling me. Not fun, but better than sitting forever partially finished.

  4. You know kitty ears are really only hiding their horns. So, your kitty is right on point. Hayden will LOVE it.

  5. Sorry about the sweater, but it's better to face it and rip out and redo with a better pattern. Love the Devil Kitty!!!

  6. I think the kitty is really cute and Hayden will love cuddling with it. I'm sorry about the sweater, but now you can knit with all of that lovely yarn again!

  7. The kitty is adorable! ...and did I miss what that yarn is going to become now?!

  8. Better now than later on the sweater. At least it was fun knitting the first time? Cute kitty.