Friday, March 6, 2020

Is that you, Spring?

Yes, I think spring might be here!  Early spring in Virginia really isn't much different from winter, while late spring is pretty much the same as summer temperature wise.  But flower wise....  

Spring is officially here.

My mother-in-law has so many daffodils in her yard, you'd think we were in Holland.  They have all been above ground for several weeks now but this one little clump are the only ones blooming.  Weird.  But hey - the daffodils are blooming.  Spring is officially here no matter what the calendar says.

All those messy looking, mostly dead vines in the background are wisteria and honeysuckle.  I don't remember the wisteria blooming last year but I sure hope it's still alive and blooms this year.  Besides being beautiful, the whole yard smells so good when it's in bloom.

red sky at night, sailors delight; beautiful sunset with pink and purple sky
Sunset, March 5, 2020
How was your sunset last night?  Mine was gorgeous!

And no, I have no knitting photos to show you.  Instead of knitting, I spent yesterday obsessively checking my phone.  I'm officially on Baby Watch.  I'm expecting the phone call that they are heading to the hospital at any moment.  Actually, I've been expecting that call for the last 40+ hours.  I'm getting a tad bit impatient.  I want so badly to meet my granddaughter.  I'm starting the think that they aren't even having a child.  They are having a sloth.  Why is this baby taking so long??  I know Mamma has been pregnant for at least three years now.

I have never been good at waiting but this whole waiting for a baby thing is killing me!  If I don't have a grand-baby to show you next week, that son of mine and his woman are going to have some serious explaining to do.  

Okay, now I'm worried.  Out of curiosity, I Googled when the next full moon will be.  March 9th.  And it's the "worm" moon.  I can not wait four whole more days to meet my grand-baby and she will NOT be born under a worm moon.  Come on Megan - get your act together and have that baby!


  1. I hope that grandbaby arrives soon! My birthday is March 9, and I was two weeks late when I was born. I still feel bad about making my mother uncomfortable that long!

  2. How exciting! I was Christmas shopping at Target when I got the call that my first Grand was on the way. I hot footed it over to the hospital in N VA where I sat up all night waiting for the little fella to show up. It was worth it. What a feeling holding that little baby burrito for the first time.

  3. It's so hard to wait for the most exciting things! XO

  4. Waiting for a baby is SO difficult. I bet she is born this weekend!! That is one gorgeous sunset (I think our sky was mostly cloudy). Our crocus are blooming, but the daffodils are not quite there yet. Up and budded,, but tight little buds.

  5. C'mon baby .....................people are waiting to MEET YOU! Hope baby comes along real soon. I'll bet mama wishes the same thing.

    I love wisteria. Hope you Mom's blooms this year.

  6. Go, Baby! On the daffodils? Did you let the leaves die back naturally last year, or mow them off? They might not have had enough 'growing time' to set buds? Also I 'inherited' a wisteria in my yard, but as I didn't know the right time to 'prune' it, it never flowered and took over half (okay not half but a lot) of the backyard and I just dug that sucker out. Haven't regretted it too much. Still don't know the correct pruning for them.

  7. Us Grandma's aren't very patient are we? I'm hoping your new granddaughter is born this weekend. I'm guessing her Mama is just as anxious.

  8. hahahah Oh Gramma. What a great wait ! The most exciting times! Lowering barometric pressure often brings labor on as well as full moons. So maybe the pressure will drop. A good storm will do it.

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  10. sending all the best baby wishes ... I'm sure that mama-to-be is even more anxious than you! (and I laughed about your description of early spring/late spring in Virginia. it's pretty much the same thing here in Atlanta, too!)

  11. I hope there is a baby right now when you read this comment, if not hopefully soon! how EXCITING!!