Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Superbowl Weekend

What a great weekend I had!

Friday was spent reading Darklight by Bella Forrest until the mailman arrived and brought me Harry Potter Knitting Magic.

I’m so excited to own this book.  I’m a Harry Potter fan, as in, I loved the books and have read the full series twice and a few of the books even more often and of course I’ve watched the movies both at the theater and on DVD many times.  But I’m not the kind of fan to dress up or decorate my house in Hogwarts colors.  In other words, I wouldn’t ordinarily buy a fan club type knitting book.  But this book, this book is special!  So many of the patterns are amazing!  Absolutely amazing!  Yes, there are simple can cozies and scarf patterns, but there’s also gorgeous sweaters with amazing details, beautiful mittens, gloves and socks as well as a glorious shawl/blanket/wrap and many, many other things that I fully intend to knit.  Oh, and the owl.  The stuffed owl is a true work of art.  I’m not the least bit into knitting stuffed toys/decorations but that owl…. That owl will soon be on my needles.  Oh, and did I mention?  The sweaters are sized from skinny little young teen sizes all the way up to 60+ inch chests!  There is absolutely nothing I don’t love about this book.  I’m just so happy to call it mine.

As for Dark Light, it’s pure trash and I’m loving it. Which is rather surprising, actually.  It’s a human/vampire romance advertised as The thing to read if you loved Twilight.  I don’t see it written anywhere that it’s a YA book but I think it probably is.  I’m about three quarters of the way through it and so far the ‘romance’ consists of blushing looks at each other.  To be honest, I don’t know what it is about the book that’s preventing me from putting it down, although it does have a lot of action, there’s that ‘they obviously have the hots for each other but won’t admit it’ thing going on, and the story moves at a pretty good clip.  It was also a Kindle freebie which never hurts.  If you’re looking for a little fast paced escapism, I recommend this book.

Casual gathering of knitters at my LYS
Center of the Yarniverse

Saturday was spent at an impromptu gathering of knitters at our LYS, Center of the Yarniverse.  I absolutely love that this shop is big enough and friendly enough to not only allow, but to welcome ten+ people to randomly show up and spend four+ hours sitting and knitting.  And eating!  Let’s not forget the awesome nearby food sources.  Yes, my LYS not only allows, but encourages you to eat your lunch at their table so you can keep knitting and chatting while you eat.  How awesome is that??!! 

chicken salad sandwich boxed lunch with red velvet cake
Homemades by Suzanne

My lunch came from Homemades by Suzanne and was delicious!

over sized pullover top https://shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=1435443&u=1446317&m=59159&urllink=&afftrack=
Weekender Sweater knit with Wool of the Andes Tweed

I love that the red velvet cake in my boxed lunch matched my Weekender sweater. 

Sunday was the Superbowl and I was free to relax and knit throughout because I didn’t give a hoot about either team.  And more importantly, I made sure our Superbowl food was super simple so I got to spend my time knitting rather than messing about in the kitchen.  In fact, I was able to get so much knitting done, I finally separated the front and back of my Weekender.  The knitting is going to feel like it’s going SO much faster now!  And that’s a very good thing because I may have accidentally bought a sweater’s worth of wool while I was at my LYS on Saturday.  So much for that yarn diet!

How was your Superbowl weekend?


  1. That was a great weekend!!! Knitting and good food. Is there anything else?

  2. What fun! I wish I were close enough to our LYS to visit. Sounds/looks like a great place. Your lunch looks awfully good too!

  3. Hubster was fighting kidney stones and a slight case of diverticulitis, so we spent it at home rather than with our friends. Oh well, it goes so late anymore who wants to watch through to the end and then have to drive home! LOL He made shrimp stir fry so I sewed all day!

  4. Such a fun weekend. I have that same book on the way and is supposed to be delivered today. I can't wait. I'm a HP fan much like you. So are all of our children and grandchildren so I have plans out of that book for Christmas.
    The yarn shop sounds fantastic. We don't have anything like that here. Paradise Fibers used to be like that but with a change of management, it isn't any longer. In fact, I rarely go in there and the shelves seem bare when I do. So sad for a once friendly, bustling yarn gathering space.
    Since it was my birthday on Saturday we were with friends most of the day. Sunday was church and then dinner out with Hubby. No Superbowl for us. Not big fans.

  5. Your post about your LYS made me miss my former LYS, where I would spend most Saturday afternoons hanging out, knitting and chatting. I think places like this must know what they're doing by encouraging you to stick around (as evidenced by the accidental acquisition of the SQ of yarn?).

  6. I miss my LYS too ... although the temptation to come away with a sweater's quantity of yarn has been a nice thing to give up!

  7. Sounds like you had a great weekend! I'm going to see if my Kobo subscription has that book (it has a lot of Kindle freebies), it sounds like fun!
    That yarnshop is making me jealous. Must be so wonderful to go there and know you'll find kindred spirits.
    We actually saw the Superbowl. Some American friends invited us to come to a restaurant with a big screen to watch with them. I actually did google the rules of the game, but I have to admit I didn't really get it. It was fun to be there though ;-)

  8. I knitted throughout the game and only stopped for the half time show. Wow! Loved it. I wish I had a lys. Ours went out of business...

  9. What a fantastic yarn store for sure. Love the colour of your yarn.

  10. We had little interest in the Bowl game. We liked the singing and the half time show. The belly dancing is amazing to me. I knitted !

  11. I need to take a look at the Harry Potter book again. Hadn't realised it had jumper patterns too. Love the idea of getting together with friends and knitting. If only. :)

  12. I keep seeing Weekender sweaters pop up all over, and now I think I might just have to make one. If you like the darklight book (I've not read it myself), have you tried the All Souls Triology? I'm currently obsessed with it and the show that it birthed. It's like better written Twilight for grownups.