Friday, February 7, 2020

Saving the world

Remember a few weeks ago when I was all excited to go see a trunk show a friend was having to show off her hand dyed yarns?  Do you also remember even further back me talking about feeling overwhelmed by my yarn stash?

Well I do.  And now, now we have a roof leak and while we wait for the roofer and wait to see if his repair job works, everything in my room is squished over into a three foot strip along the edge of my bed.  My only seating is now on the bed.  So I sit on the bed knitting, and staring into the closet of doom.  With the exception of my camera bag on the floor and a very tiny plastic Christmas tree on an upper shelf, every thing you see in that closet is craft related and 95% of it is yarn.  And that's not even all the yarn.  I'm completely overwhelmed.  It's actually making me a little bit depressed thinking about the fact that I will never ever live long enough to knit up all that yarn.

And with that in mind, I swore to myself that when I went to the trunk show, I'd only buy one skein.  One.  One single, solitary skein.

Add caption#yarnshopping - Dying for Art, Urth and Yarn Matters' wool for knitting
Yarn Haul from the Dying for Art trunk show at Yarn Matters, Williamsburg, VA

And so I came home with eight skeins and a new tote bag.  Good grief!

I don't even have concrete plans for them.  The top two skeins, that purpley gray and the red multi colored, plus the light blue multicolored on the bottom row are all DK weight and will be socks.  Or maybe fingerless gloves, but most likely, socks.  I desperately need new socks.  I just don't want to knit socks anymore.

All the rest are fingering weight and will most likely be shawls.  The gold and navy skeins on the bottom row are Urth Harvest and I plan to use them together.  I just love that navy and gold together.  I also feel slightly better about my purchase because Urth plants a tree for each skein sold.  I may be overwhelmed by my yarn closet but it's helping to save the world.   The other skeins are all my friend Martha's, or more specifically, Dying for Art yarns.

And that bag!  Well, I needed a bag.  Okay, okay.  I needed another bag like I needed another skein of yarn.  But look at it!  How could I resist such an adorable bag?  Besides, it has pockets galore and is big enough to hold an interchangeable needle set, a medium sized tool bag, a large sweater, the start of two shawls, a wash cloth project bag and a few spare skeins of miscellaneous yarns that may also turn into shawls at some point.  You know, just in case I run out of knitting and need to start a new project on the fly.  And yet while big enough to hold all that, it doesn't feel like a huge, gigantic project bag. Besides, it has alpacas and lamas on it.  No one, including alpaca farmers, can agree whether they are alpacas or lamas so I'm saying it's both.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


  1. I have the same sort of overwhelming guilt about my stash. I'm trying to be better about using it up. Perhaps I need to knit a bunch of squooshy double-stranded cowls like yours!

  2. I make myself feel better by telling myself I am a collector of yarn (and project bags) and not actually just a knitter. Works for me.

  3. LOL, you are most definitely among friends here! I don't have quite that much yarn, I also collect project bags and fabric. I love knitting DK-weight socks. Churchmouse has a basic sock pattern for that weight. 48 stitches on size 4 needles. They go fast!

  4. LOL - I think we are all similar here. That project bag is adorable. BTW, I finally decided to make the Eclipse Shawl you mentioned some months back (by Lara Smoot)...and discovered that NONE of her patterns are available any more. So pissed I didn't buy it earlier!

  5. Is it time for a purge of some of that yarn? A destash sale? If yes, go for it. If not, forgive yourself. Knit on!

  6. If you don't want to buy yarn, you'd better probably stay away from anywhere they (might) sell yarn. So I suggest you move in with me. There are no yarnshops here (no really - all we have is a few shops that sell a very limited choice of acrylic yarn) and I'd be willing to help you knit up your stash ;-)

  7. Well you are (and I am too) ready for the apocalypse. And we can include knitters (and maybe crocheters and weavers) also in the warm ones. lol

  8. I adore that bag. I really, really do. And we've all been there with the yarn. I'm trying desperately to not buy more yarn this year. I'm doing well with using stash so far, but I've also bought two skeins of cotton and 3 skeins of fingering weight from Knit Picks. But...I've used up more than I've bought so I figure I'm ahead. I know I've knitted/crocheted up at least 25 skeins since January 1. (I've been crocheting a big blanket which is "eating" yarn.)

  9. Sometimes we just need to shop for things that bring us joy and not count the things we already have that brought us joy! Just count your blessings you are able to have things you love and be surrounded by them!