Friday, January 3, 2020

Urban Girl Reyna

Easy garter and lace shawl knit with fingering weight yarn from Urban Girl Yarns
I am so in love with this project.  First of all, I love knitting the Reyna shawl pattern.  It's a simple garter and lace design.  Just as you start to get bored with one stitch pattern, you switch to the other.  But best of all, the design is free on Ravelry, it prints on one page without 400 color photos and truly best of all, the pattern has little check boxes for you to mark off each row as you do them.  I Love check boxes!

But besides my love of the design, there's the yarn I'm using.  It's Poly from Urban Girl Yarns.  Oh my goodness!  I can't even express my love for this yarn.  First, the colors are SO 'me.'  It's beachy and summery and well, just so me!  The yarn itself is, well, awesome.  It reminds me of Knit Picks' Hawthorne but it's a tad bit heavier and much spongier/bouncier.  It has that look of thin, cottony string and I had to give myself a pep talk before casting it on.  I'm not a fan of cotton or string, but those colors!  But, I was quickly and pleasantly surprised as it does not feel like string when knitting with it.  It glides through my hands and has a wonderful texture.  

The only reason I'm not giving this Reyna 100% of my attention is that big, darned grand-baby surprise knit that I must have finished in a few weeks.  Or at least I should  have it finished.  The baby shower is coming up and I'd like to have it finished by then.  But then again, the baby's not due until the end of March.  I wonder if the mom-to-be would understand this Reyna taking precedence over my first grandchild.  Hmmm....


  1. Your Reyna is knitting up beautifully! I'm sure it'll be a good motivator to finish the baby project.

  2. That is just gorgeous!!! A big, bright shawl is just what you need when it gets chilly.

  3. Oh wow! That yarn and those colors - wonderful and so nice to knit with that on a grey winter's day! I followed the link (thanks!) to Urban Girl and her yarns look so lovely. I quickly closed the link....

  4. Very pretty colors and the pattern sounds like one I would love.

  5. I am sure you have other items you can put in the bag for the shower....right? Knit on Reyna, the baby item will wait for baby to come!

  6. Love the colors and the pattern. Good luck on the baby blanket finish.

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