Thursday, January 30, 2020

Three on Thursday - Mittens

My three for today's Three on Thursday are mitten patterns.  Specifically, mittens with sheep on them.  I've been thinking that the next thing I should get into is knitting mittens.  And as things go, I read someone's blog post this morning where they were showing off their sheep mittens.  And also, as things go, I didn't note who's blog I was reading and now that I'm typing this and trying to give them credit, I don't remember who's blog it was.  I thought I did, but I was wrong.  

Anyways....  Three mitten patters with sheep on them for today's Three on Thursday:

Colorwork mittens with sheep.  Knitted.
Sheep Mittens by Jorid Linvik
I love these but they are probably a bit too challenging for me at this time in my life.

Hand knit mittens with sheep on them.
Sheep on Baldersnas by Lena Bergsman
I just love these.  The sheep are so funny looking.  Sorry, I don't mean to be rude to the designer but... It took me a while to see the sheep.  I kept seeing dog faces with squiggly lines that perhaps indicated the dogs were stinky.  Once I saw them as sheep, not dogs, they are definitely sheep, just not the usual breed I'm used to seeing.  Either way, I love these and the knitting seems simple.

knitted mittens with lativian braid and 3 color stranded knitting
Sheep Mittens by Anita Viksten
I love that there is a child's version as well as the adult's but this pair are probably also too difficult for me.  Well, maybe too difficult.  The tricky parts seem to be the Latvian braid and the 3-colored stranded areas.  It's been ages but I've knit a Latvian braid before and don't remember it being difficult at all once someone showed me how.  (Yes, it was so long ago, Youtube wasn't around to instruct me.)  If I've done it once, I'm sure I could do it again.  But those 3-colored stranded rows....  I have enough trouble with 2-colored stranded knitting.  I don't know about three colors.  But then, this is the year I promised myself I'd perfect my stranded knitting skills.  Perhaps I should add these to my Ravelry queue after all.

Join me over at Carole's for today's Three on Thursday gathering.


  1. I would do the third color in those three-color areas as duplicate stitch after the fact. Mittens are too small to do anything as fiddly as carrying three colors at once!

  2. How stinking cute are they? You know I do stranded all the time but they give me the heebie jeebies just looking at them. I like nice geometric patterns. Trying to do representational things leaves too much in between stuff that always puckers for me. Great shades of Lillehammer. It almost did me in but you know those puckers actually blocked out with wear.

  3. ohmigosh....I LOVE those, especially the first and third...! (I thought the middle pic was dog faces at first, too!)

  4. Oh boy! (and I saw ghosts in the second mittens! lol)

    I LOVE color work and sheep! The adult and child versions are especially darling!

  5. What beautiful mittens! I’m not a mitten knitter but these would be very tempting

  6. I don't knit mittens (or wear them), but these are all so cute it makes me WANT to knit mittens - lol. Latvian braids are not difficult at all. Plenty of youtube videos out there (which is how I learned to do it).

  7. I love all 3 patterns but the 3rd pair are my favorite. Latvian braids aren't hard, you can definitely do it, and I think you can handle the 3 colors rows, too. Just follow that chart and you'll be fine.

  8. All three patterns are cute, and the stinky dog ones make me laugh. Like Kat, I see ghosts!

  9. I knit mittens constantly, but since I make well over 100 pair every year for donation, there is no way I could do these. I want some for myself though. :-) . Love all of them but the second pair too me a moment to figure the pattern faces out

  10. You could do the first pair as basically plain and as many have said do duplicate stitch. Not sure it would be faster as the pattern would take some work even as duplicate stitch. They are all fun choices. Something needs to be done with the 'stinking' dog :)

  11. Jeannie It was mine I think. A post on Compassionknit in the last week and they had short fingerless with a sheep on each hand. If you look close you'll see I misplaced the thumb and they are both for a right hand. So I turn one around. Im lazy!!!!!!

  12. my favorite is the first pair!!