Thursday, January 23, 2020

Three on Thursday - Current Projects

Once again this blog post comes to you from my new office/home away from home.  This no internet at the house thing is Killing me.  Absolutely Killing me with a capital "K".  All we have is a rather expensive hotspot that runs out of data after about 10 of the 30 days.  Thank God for Dunkin' Donuts' free wifi and friendly staff that don't mind me hanging out hour after hour every night.  And since I'm using their free wifi, I feel it's only fair that I drink a giant jug of coffee and eat enormous amounts of donuts while I'm here.


Ooh - One more thing before I get started on my three for Thursday....

If you are local, make sure you stop by Yarn Matters near Williamsburg this Saturday.  My friend, Martha Cook from Dying for Art, will be having a trunk show there from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  I can't wait to see what new yarns she's got to show.

Okay, on to my three for this Thursday...

My current projects are:

Knitting a blanket for my first grandchild.  Using my own basket weave design.
The Big Secret Baby Thing

1.  The never ending Big Secret Baby Thing.  Ha!  "Secret" - who am I kidding.  It's pretty obvious but shhh... Sometimes the mom-to-be checks in here.  Hopefully she won't recognize it for what it is.  I also hope I don't accidentally knit that hair into it.  Eeww!

Fingering weight wool dyed to represent a flowering dogwood tree, state flower of Virginia
Urban Girl Yarns, Virginia

2.  Okay, so this one isn't an actual project yet but....  Let me tell you, if that grandbaby was a second grandbaby and not the first grandbaby, I'd be casting that Big Secret Baby Thing aside in a heart beat and casting on with this instead.  It's another skein from Urban Girl Yarns and it's going to be another Reyna.  A knitting friend had grabbed this skein and was going to purchase it, I commented on how much I liked it, she went to the shelf and grabbed another skein and tossed it to me.  I said I didn't really like the second skein as much.  The green was more aqua and the pink was more magenta... And she said she liked it better than the first... So we traded and well, it's not my fault I broke my no yarn purchase rule.  It's Betsy's fault.  Not mine!  Betsy's!  And now we are both going to knit Reyna shawls.  I can't wait to see how different/similar they turn out to be.  Oh, and the yarn's name is Virginia.  How appropriate!  At first I was like, Virginia??  What does pink, white and charcoal gray have to do with Virginia?  And then it hit me like a brick.  Dogwood!  It's 'dogwood tree in bloom' colored and the dogwood is Virginia's state tree. Or flower. Or.... okay, so I'm horrible at that kind of thing.  But it's our state something.  

Palette, Hawthorne from Knit Picks for knitting Valentine hearts
Scrap yarns, mostly from Knit Picks

3.  Can you guess what I'm doing with all this pink, red and white yarn?  I'm not enjoying it, that's for sure!  Don't get me wrong, despite pink not being my favorite color, I love the yarns.  It's the pattern I'm using.  Ugh!  No wonder the pattern book was on clearance.  Anyway, can you guess what I'm knitting?  And nope!  It has nothing to do with the soon-to-be-granddaughter! 


  1. Spending all evening at DD drinking coffee, eating donuts, and sucking up wifi; what could go wrong?! I think I gain weight if I drive past a DD, so it would not be a good plan for me. I don't honestly know if I could manage without internet at home. It's a necessity like water or electricity. Hope you can fix this somehow, but in the mean time, I love that Virginia yarn!

  2. We had to drive to three different DD's the other day so The Mister could get his vanilla cream filled fix. I am always knitting my hair into my projects. I always say that if I turn up missing and they need DNA just check anything I've knitted. Lol....

  3. I love your new 'office'! It reminds me of the hours and hours I spent doing tiny loads of laundry at the laundromat near our cottage, since our wifi was so tenuous. But donuts are WAY better than laundry!!

  4. We don't even have any Dunkin Donuts out here anywhere so I'm really glad our internet works.
    Love your new office though. Any place with donuts is a win in my book.
    That yarn is gorgeous and the Big Baby Thing is coming right along.
    Betsy (No, not that one!)

  5. I suppose if you have to go somewhere for wifi, there are worse places to be than a Dunkin -- at least they have good coffee and yummy snacks!

    Really looking forward to seeing that next Reyna!

  6. That is some wild yarn, but it will be fun to see the different looks to the same pattern. No clue what all the red/pink will be, do tell!

  7. I do love all the pinks! I don't wear pink often but I love the brightness of some of yours. Can't wait for the reveal of what you are knitting with it.

  8. I have no idea what you might knit with that pink yarn but I love the wild look of it. I cast on a scrappy hitchhiker that is pretty wild but it is fun to knit. The baby thing is so pretty. Keep on knitting. I have a bird feeder outside the window over my desk and I love watching the birds. Give it a whirl only if it doesn't involve ladders.

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