Tuesday, January 21, 2020

On the Needles

Thanks for all the spelling help.  Doh!  It never even occurred to me to look up "grandbaby" in a real dictionary.  Considering my spell checker thinks the word "reality" is spelled "rea9lity," I should have known it might be misleading me with "grand baby."  Live and learn.

As for my bangs, again, thank you for all the compliments.  By that evening, they were pretty comical.  They were standing straight up.

photo courtesy of gointothestory.blcklstdotcom
photo courtesy of gointothestory.blcklst.com

I guess years of pulling them back into a hair clip had taught them not to hang down on my forehead.

I have Wham bangs

I really did have a terrifying Wham night.  Now, they've calmed down, mostly.  I'm no longer aware of them touching me and I think I'll be quite happy with them in a few more days.  

As for my knitting, that's been problematic too.  The Big Baby Thing is coming along nicely but my Weekender sweater is another story.  My Weekender has become my stockinette in the round project to work on while I read my email.  In other words, it's a slow slog of stockinette. 

Wool of the Andes tweed https://shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=1435443&u=1446317&m=59159&urllink=&afftrack=
All those loose ends are okay - the sweater is knit inside out!

It had finally grown enough in length for me to bother measuring it.  It was just shy of 12 inches and... OH CRUD!  Seems someone forgot to change to the larger needles after they finished the ribbing.  &%^%&*(*&^!!!

It was suggested at Knit Night that I pull it out and start over but nope!  Ain't gonna happen!  Considering the sweater is supposed to have ten inches of positive ease and I'm already ten inches bigger around than I should be...  Nope! No way! No how!  I'm not ripping that much stockinette and starting over.  My Weekender will simply be form fitting rather than over-sized. 

Hopefully I remember that I may have to make some sleeve adjustments when the time comes.  I'm assuming they don't also have ten inches of ease written into the pattern.  Honestly, I haven't read ahead to see.  It's one of those, "I'll worry about it when the time comes" kind of things.  Meanwhile, if you've knit a Weekender and have any info to share....


  1. I have made that mistake many, many times, though usually I'm not lucky enough to be able to keep going and have to rip back. I'm guessing you're still going to have some positive ease, even using the smaller needle.

  2. Oh, that mistake of not changing needles . . . we've all done it. I hope yours works out ok.

  3. Fingers crossed that blocking will ease a little more room in? Count me out on Gingerbread, you can have my piece. And I am not a chocolate bar fan, but I will eat chocolate cake all day long!

  4. Yes, we've all done it! 10 inches of positive ease should lesson the impact though. :-) . Love those bang photos. I think we've all been there too.

  5. I never remember to change my needles after ribbing also and normally it never matters. These days since the rolling Soldotna issue I've been really going down to an itty bitty needle size so it would matter. I'm going to have to start paying better attention or else I'll either be in for some monster ripping or a big surprise at the end.

  6. Yep, been there done that! There's no way I'd pull all that knitting out, as you say, if it's meant to have positive ease anyway then there's room for mistakes.

  7. Miles of stockinette is bet knit with a movie/netflix marathon! Or reading a book. That's how I get through the 'boring' part but I love the boring parts the most. Lovely yarn!

  8. Oh there is just No way I could rip out that sweater! Good for you. Consider it an adaptation. I LOVE MILES OF STOCKINETTE!

  9. Great shawl in a post below. I wonder if the sweater might block out a bit also? I know we knitters are not supposed to rely on blocking but still . . . And gingerbread/molasses flavor ranks right up with chocolate - two of my all time favorites. I like a little warm lemon/butter sauce over gingerbread.