Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Maybe next year

Today's post is not what I had planned.  My intention was to show you bunches and bunches of little hearts I'd knit from all that pink yarn I showed you the other day.  I was going to knit bunches and bunches of them, stuff them, then hang them on a mini Christmas tree for display.  

The problem with that idea.... I never knit a single heart.  My pattern has you casting on five stitches on dpns and knitting several rounds on those five stitches before increasing.  Knitting multiple rows of only five stitches on tiny little dpns and knowing that once I finished knitting one, I'd need to knit bunches of bunches more, and then I'd have to go dig the mini Christmas tree back out of storage to hang them on....  Well, I remembered why every single year, Every. Single. Year., I pull out that pattern and yarn and then never knit a single heart.

If I had any sense, I'd throw away that pattern book and be done with it.  But nope!  Maybe next year...

What I did knit instead was the Big Secret Baby Thing.  I finished it!  Whoop Whoop!  Once it has been given, I'll show you pictures.  Assuming I remember to take them.  Sheesh.  

I also started a K2P2 cowl knit with THE softest alpaca yarn.

Alpaca is so soft and light and warm https://www.knitpicks.com/yarn/simply-alpaca-aran/c/5420319
2x2 cowl knit with Simply Alpaca

I had planned to knit a different cowl with this yarn but...  It's been a rough week around here and I needed something portable, mindless and heavenly to knit.  This definitely fits the bill.  

The pattern is so simple I can't believe I bothered to download it.  It's simply a matter of casting on 140 stitches with bulky yarn (or in my case, two strands of aran Simply Alpaca held together) and knit K2P2 in the round until you only have enough yarn left to do the bind-off.

Simple, simple, simple.  And it grows fast because it's bulky weight yarn.  And did I mention how soft this yarn is?  It's Heaven in a skein!  Let's just put it this way - it's so soft I don't even mind knitting an entire skein's worth of  K2P2 ribbing.  Have I mentioned ribbing is not my favorite thing to knit?  It's a little boring.  But this....  This is just glorious!  

The alpaca is so soft and light and wonderful to knit with.  Normally my hands/wrists begin to ache after only about 20 minutes of knitting with bulky yarn but this...  This I can knit on for hours with no issues at all.  There's no weight on the needles, my hands and wrists are fine, and my neck is dying for me to put it onto a bigger needle so that I can try it on.

But that's not going to happen.  In order to try it on, I'd have to stop knitting long enough to dig out a longer cord for my interchangeables.  And right now, I just don't have the time.  Like I said, it's been a rough few days and right now, besides my yarn, I also have a glass of wine and Aquaman waiting for me.   Just as soon as I press "Publish."

I may not even proof read this.  I mean.... Aquaman, i.e. Jason Momoa, my TV boyfriend is waiting.  Who would blame me?


  1. I'm sorry it's been a rough week but it does sound like you are finding ways to work through it.

  2. Three cheers for the finished secret baby knitting! Your cowl sounds like the perfect thing for mindless knitting, and your neck is going to thank you when it's finished and you put it on.

  3. I'm sorry but Jason Momoa is MY boyfriend. Lol. The Mister calls him "that big dude with the hair you like". What's not to like? I've seen Aquaman many times. He just keeps getting better.
    Oh, and I do that too with knitting little sweaters and mittens for an advent thing every year. I swear this will be the year but it never is.

  4. Should I admit that I've never even heard of Jason Momoa? :-) . I know. I'm woefully behind the times. I do love the glimpse of the big secret baby thing and hope we get to see it finished soon.
    I have been wanting to to the same thing with hearts for Valentines Day, Shamrocks for March, etc. but never get it done. Even the sweaters that Debra mentions above. Something else "more important" always takes precedence.
    That cowl is gorgeous. Sometimes when life is all we can handle, simple knitting is absolutely the best.

  5. Sorry your week has been rough. There is definitely a time and place for easy, mindless knitting. That cowl will be gorgeous. And hey! YAY for the BIG secret baby "thing" being finished. Can't wait to see it.

  6. love your pencil case, I think I have the same one :) Cannot wait to see the baby project finished and on time right?? Lovely cowls I wear them all the time.

  7. Jeannie, It is fine to share with us, the hard times. Thats what the blog community does, it knits us together! I love easy knits . I too cannot knit heavy items or my joints hurt. I really have to watch it. Say....I need an excuse for not knitting my sister a heavy sweater. She really wanted me to make another one for her. Its been 10 years since I knit her one, but i really didn't want to repeat it and knit another right now. Thanks!

  8. I am sorry you have had a rough week. Caregiving is not easy. I love the baby blanket. I also love to knit with alpaca or an alpaca blend yarn.