Friday, January 24, 2020


Pardon the bad lighting.  A cloudy day and a dark house…

garter stitch, triangular, striped knitted shawl
Colorburst shawl being blocked

Remember my Colorburst shawl?  Probably not – it’s been months since I finished knitting it.  Well, I finally got around to blocking it. I cannot believe how much it grew in the process.  The miracles of garter stitch. 

I'm embarrassed to show you that photo but since all I've been knitting lately is the Big Secret Baby Thing, I have nothing else to show you.  

I wish you could see the shawl in person.  In real life it’s so much prettier.  Its jewel tones are just so gorgeous although they are looking a little muddy and dull in the photo.  I was a little worried about its muddiness actually.  The shawl turned the soak water dark blue.  I was afraid of what it would look like when it dried but you’d never know it had bled like that.  Now, I just need to be cautious of it bleeding onto my clothes.

Virginia's state bird is a cardinal.

Totally unrelated to knitting, my room is a giant attic dormer that juts out over the front porch.  There are constantly woodpeckers and wrens hopping all over those two trees and since we moved in, I've told myself almost daily that I should set up a bird feeder on the porch roof.  I haven't and I won't because it would involve a ladder but it's fun to think about.  And then ... I looked out of the window yesterday and there was a cardinal sitting there, waiting to be fed.

Don't forget - if you are anywhere near Williamsburg, VA tomorrow, stop by Yarn Matters and check out my friend, Martha's,  trunk show of hand dyed yarns.


  1. The photo may be dark, but I can tell that the shawl is stunning! I do hope you'll take a photo in daylight once it's dry.

    In my experience, blues and reds almost always bleed. I think it has something to do with the size of the dye molecules (or so I've been told by someone who knows what they're talking about). It's usually not a failing of the dyer, just a characteristic of the dye itself.

  2. I wish I was close enough to go to the yarn store. I love that you have the perfect view of the feathery friends!!

  3. I think your shawl is gorgeous, even if the photo is a little dark. You can still tell that the color is stunning. I printed out the pattern for Reyna yesterday and couldn't decide between knitting it or the Amulet shawl by Helen Stewart. In the end, the Amulet shawl won because I want to add beads to a shawl this time around.
    Beautiful photo of the cardinal. I love feeding birds but Hubby detests the mess they leave behind so I limit my feeding to hummingbirds.

  4. Your shawl is gorgeous! Love the richness of the colors. How about one of those bird feeders you can attach to your window? I bet that would work and you couldn't need a ladder!

  5. Your shawl is gorgeous! I agree with Vera. Our woodpeckers only eat suet and bugs. Our wrens only eat insects. So if you put anything up, I'd say hang a little wren house. Wait for the mom and dad to move in and enjoy the show ! its wonderful to see them in and out , raising the babies oh and that wren song

  6. The shawl is beautiful. It's amazing what a difference blocking makes to a garment. I love watching the birds out of the window, and I love seeing photos of birds on blogs too, your garden birds are so different to those we get here.

  7. I personally think garter stitch shawls are the best. Very pretty.