Friday, January 31, 2020

Boot Cuffs

Now that I finally finished the Big Secret Baby Thing and I only have one other planned baby knit, which is really a toddler knit....  I'm selfish knitting.  Well, selfish knitting and maybe, depending how it goes, knitting for the Etsy shop.

hand knit boot toppers
boot cuff
I mentioned a while back that I wanted to knit myself a few pair of boot cuffs.  I've finally knit one.  One boot cuff.  I better get busy if I plan to knit any for my shop.

I love the yarn I used, which surprises me a little.  Good grief!  I am Such a yarn snob these days!  I was in Hobby Lobby recently and picked up a skein of Yarnbee Rustic Romantic in the Pumpkin Spice colorway.  I just absolutely love the color! It's not quite orange, yellow, gold or brown.  It's somehow a mixture of all four.  And it's surprisingly soft.  The yarn is a mixture of acrylic and hemp.  I've never knit with hemp before and I'm not a fan of acrylic anything, but I'm actually thinking of going back and buying a sweater's quantity of this yarn.

But first, I better knit a second boot cuff.


  1. I think acrylics have come a long way in recent years. I still prefer to knit with natural fibers, but sometimes a wool/acrylic or cotton/acrylic blend makes the most sense for a gift.

  2. You're looking a little lopsided there - better get crackin' on that other cuff!

  3. The cuff looks great. I knit some boot cuffs several years back and I recently re-discovered them. I don't think I've ever used them!

  4. I like the cuff! I used Yarnbee to make a pair of mittens and I love them. Very soft and pretty color too. And...when they get soaked through while snow shoveling I can throw them in the dryer! Acrylic yarn today is NOT our Grandma's acrylic yarn. :-)

  5. I vaguely recall knitting leg warmers for my daughter but not the cuffs. That would have saved a lot of knitting time :)

  6. Woo hoo for the half finish! I keep telling myself I need a pair of those. I need to raid the handspun bin and find a pattern.

  7. Does it say something about my brain right now that I didn't notice you only had 1 on!!! LOL Love the color.

  8. I am working hard to overcome my yarn snobbishness. Seems there are a lot more options out there in the stores now than what I remember - colors and fibers. Love that (first!) cuff!!