Thursday, December 5, 2019

Three on Thursday - Christmas Bucket List

I'm joining Carole for Three on Thursday.  

My new reality is setting in and my Christmas expectations are changing.  And honestly, today might not be the best day for writing this post.  I'm in a bit of a snit.  My favorite, handmade Christmas hand towel only survived being on display for about 36 hours before it was ruined and now I'm acting like a three year old who's had their favorite toy taken away.  I'm way over reacting and I know it.  I'm just super frustrated by it.  

But let me stop whining and talk about good things.  My Christmas bucket list for this year.  Many of our family's traditions will not be able to happen this year but to make up for it, we plan to go all out with the decorations.  Thankfully my husband and daughter are seriously into decorating because it's not really my thing.  I LOVE a well and wildly decorated house, but the actual decorating part of it isn't my thing at all.  

Since we are no longer living in a 'neighborhood' and  are now living on the edge of the Chickahominy swamp...

wild mistletoe, photo compliments of

Item #1 on my Christmas bucket list is to go out, search for and shoot down wild mistletoe.  It's something I always did with my dad every year and I've missed it.  From the time I was five or so up through my early teens, we'd go out into the woods each December and he'd shoot down mistletoe with, I guess, a BB gun. I know nothing about guns.  It looked like a shot gun but only made a popping noise, not a big bang noise so I'm assuming it was a BB gun.  Anyway, I'm planning to force my husband to do this with me.  He's probably not going to be thrilled with the idea but too bad!  It's the number one item on my wish list for this year and he has an arsenal of guns, many inherited from my dad.  We're going mistletoe hunting!


Item #2 seems a little silly but I want to attend Kings Dominion's Winterfest.  I miss working there, I want to see what's new this year and maybe see an old friend or two.  Plus, I have free tickets and will probably never pay for tickets to go in future years.  Besides, Sarah and I had fun last year.  We'll have fun again this year.  I think I'll skip the ice skating though.  Walking around the park will be much more enjoyable without sore skater's legs.  Perhaps I'll take some knitting in case Sarah wants to skate.  I'd be happy to sit and watch her but I think the ice is definitely off limits for me this year.

The Nutcracker, photo courtesy of

Item #3 is to attend the Fathom Events viewing of the Nutcracker.  Believe it or not, I've never seen it in it's entirety and Sarah has always wanted to see it performed on stage.  Tickets for our local ballet run $200 to over $600 and we've never been able to afford to go.  I feel like seeing it on the big movie screen is a somewhat okay compromise.

What about you?  What's on your Christmas bucket list this year?


  1. These all sound like great ways to get into the holiday spirit! Sorry about your towel. Perhaps it's a good excuse to make a new one?

  2. Nice list!! I remember the brief period of time my brother and SIL were living in FL, she sent a box with presents and Spanish Moss was cushioning everything. (Dirty, but nice still). I would love some mistletoe.

  3. That is why NONE of my holiday stuff is coming out this year. In this unholy mess I am sure something precious would end up getting ruined. I figure I've had 65 holidays to do the holly jolly thing so missing one won't kill me. I'll enjoy other peoples and look forward to next year's in my new kitchen. I hope.

  4. I think those are 3 things that will help you find some Christmas spirit in the midst of truly difficult circumstances.

  5. All great things! Wild mistletoe, wow!
    For us everything is different too this Christmas, so I'm not really sure what to expect. For now I'm just happy to visit my family.

  6. I would love to see the nutcracker! Let's home a new hand towel will replace your favorite :)

  7. My bucket list is to see a live production of the Nutcracker, something I have NEVER EVER wanted to see. Why now I have no clue. My biggest wish would be to not have to travel, but that isn't an option, so we will show up for the family events over 3 days and then hightail it back home. I much prefer sleeping in my own bed!

  8. I've never heard of shooting down mistletoe ... go you! and thank you for the tip about Fathom Events Nutcracker. It's been years since I've seen it and that might be the way to go this year. Merry Merry!!

    1. poop! it's only showing on Dec 15th ... and I have plans to see a Christmas play that afternoon. Next year for sure!