Sunday, December 1, 2019

Sunday Supper - Lentil Soup

We're welcoming December's cold with some warm, hearty soup.
Lentil Soup from frenchwomendon'
We're going to give this lentil soup recipe a try.  I hope I can talk my family into trying it.  Lentils are supposed to be so good for you and the only way I've ever cooked them is in an Indian dish that was way too 'curry-ish'  for the rest of the family.  This recipe seems much more bland for those who don't like steam to come out of their ears while they eat.

And,  I love the creator of this recipe, French Women Don't Get Fat.  I'm taking their word that I can eat this soup and magically become skinny.   :)

What are you having for tonight's Sunday supper?


  1. Lentil soup sounds perfect for today. It's turkey soup over here, though!

  2. Mmm, I love lentils, though I suspect I'm the only one in my family who would eat this.

  3. We eat lentil soup all the time. I love the smell of it cooking in the crockpot all day.

  4. Yum! I am heading over for a cup!

  5. We ate leftovers this evening. I love lentil soup. Sometimes I put a little bacon in for extra smoky flavor. Just a thought.

  6. We love all kinds of lentil soups. In the past I used to make a loaf of bread and have lentil soup cooking on the stove all day. I think I need to do that again!