Friday, December 6, 2019

Five Days

Not bad!  I knit a cowl, start to finish and got it on the blocking mats in five days.  Doesn't sound all That impressive but considering I knit some other stuff during that time, read a few books and lived my life...

Madeline Tosh yarn in the Sycamore color way
MadiTosh Merino Light

On Sunday, December 1st, I woke up and thought that perhaps I should start on my Christmas gift knitting.  I mean, I'm only a little bit behind schedule.  No need for panic or anything.

I dug out the yarn, found a pattern to try and found a place in this house where I could set up my swift and ball winder.  That was a chore, let me tell you!  In the old house, my desk was an old dining table and the swift and ball winder simply lived clamped to opposite ends of the table.  But the desk/table didn't come with us.  The only place I could find that wasn't fancy furniture and had enough of a lip to clamp to and enough wide open space to accommodate the swift was the kitchen counters.  Yes, counters.  I had to stretch the yarn across the room with the swift on one side and the winder on the opposite, slightly too close to the fridge so that I had to stand at a really awkward angle to crank the handle.  I'm now hoping Santa brings me a table top swift. I've always thought they would take up too much space but....

Eventually I started knitting.

knitting a cowl for a Christmas gift

And I knit some more.

Serenity Cowl or Cashmere Cowl on Ravelry

And yesterday I finished the cowl and even got it on the blocking mats.  As in, actually wet and pinned to the blocking mats.  Not just casually tossed on top of the pile of mats in a futile hope that it would block itself.

The yarn is Madeline Tosh Merino Light (or fingering) in the Sycamore colorway.  I absolutely loved knitting with this yarn.  Besides the yarn being dreamy soft, there was never a dull moment color-wise.    The pattern is, well I'm not sure.  If you search Ravelry, you have to search for Serenity Cowl, but the pattern printout says it's called Cashmere Cowl.  Whatever it's called, it was a fun, fast and easy knit and I will most likely knit it multiple more times.  


  1. Five days? Five? That's amazing. I share your pain with your swift. The last time I had to wind yarn I had to just throw it over a chair and make a ball. I can't even get to where all that stuff is right now.

  2. I love that yarn! What a cheerful shade of yellow and all the specs of other colors. Also looks like a nice pattern - thanks for the link.

  3. It looks great !! I love your “never a dull moment moments!!”๐Ÿ˜†

  4. Good for you! That's a lovely cowl. (And I hope Santa brings you that table swift.) XO

  5. The cowl is great, brilliant color!

  6. What a pretty, pretty cowl. I love the color you chose. I have to tell you about the swift I have. Hubby bought it for me for Mother's Day several years ago. It's from Paradise Fibers and it's a tabletop swift. You should check it out on their website. Seriously. Then buy it for yourself for Christmas! Ha! But really you should. It works like a dream and comes in it's own bag for storage. Very easy set-up. I don't know what I did without it. Gosh! I sound like an advertisement. Sorry. I do love it that much though. I should take a picture for my blog.
    Have a wonderful knitting day!