Tuesday, December 10, 2019

A Christmas Miracle

This is a Christmas miracle post, otherwise known as the post in which I do not complain.  

Sorry folks.  Even I'm sick of hearing myself whine.  My life could be so much worse and the fact that I lost a hand towel....  Well, all I can say is that I've had the emotions of a hormonal 12 year old girl lately and I'm sorry.  Next time I start to whine, call me on it.  Tell me to buck up and act like an adult.

Holly Berry Stashbuster Shawl

Something that has helped me buck up is the Stashbuster Shawl.  It's four short set up rows then you repeat the fifth row over and over again until you have just enough yarn left to bind off.  The picot edging is knit as the shawl grows rather than having to knit all those little picot things at once on the cast on or off edge.  It's so simple, so quick and so perfect for knitting while watching The Grinch with the family.  

And let's clarify, the 'real' Grinch, not that awful Jim Carrey movie version.  (Sorry Jim Carrey, but you can't improve on perfection and you should never have tried.)

And yes, the shawl will match my Christmas socks because yes, I broke my no new yarn rule once again.  Having a knitting group meeting at the knitting shop is a dangerous, dangerous thing.

And then,

The coolest thing happened.

I stepped out of the shower and could hear all kinds of unusual activity on the train tracks out back.  (Yes, when I say we live on the tracks, I pretty much mean it.)

The CSX train crawled by at the slowest possible pace while a track-hoe with a claw on it rode on top of cars, unloading replacement trestles on each side of the tracks.  

Once the track-hoe-claw machine finished unloading, the train stopped while the track-hoe pulled itself to the end of the train, then it lifted itself down onto a lower bed on the final train car.  And then the train slowly pulled away.

How cool!

I'm SO wishing we were still homeschooling and the kids could have been here to see it because it was definitely one of those weird, fun homeschool learning moments.  

I'm also SO hoping that Mr. CSX guy standing back there at the back of the lower bed of the train didn't happen to look over and catch me standing buck-naked in the window taking pictures of him and his train.


  1. Feel free to vent whenever you need to -- even when you know things could be so much worse, it doesn't mean that your feelings aren't valid.

    That train is pretty cool!

  2. Very cool train! And, I agree with SJ - your feelings ARE valid and go ahead and vent whenever you need to (we all do...). I want to get some of that yarn....

  3. I grew up in a house that had train tracks in the backyard. I've always loved trains. One of my happiest memories is when I took a sleeper from Chicago home after driving Son's car out to him one Christmas. I had dinner in the dining car and felt like I was in a 1930 movie. It was bliss to sit and knit watching the holiday lights go by.

  4. Sometimes, life just throws us curveball after curveball and it's hard to adjust. When that happens . . . whining (and venting) can really help! And that's what blogs are for -- to share what's going on. Even if it's whining. (And you've had lots of curveballs thrown your way lately, y'know?) So cool that you caught some Exciting Train Action! (And I giggle to think that maybe you gave a CSX train guy a little thrill, as well.) XO

  5. I think you're holding up remarkably well all things considered. and that last line almost made me spit coffee out onto my laptop :-)

  6. Great Post Jeannie! So glad you felt some relief from the negative thoughts in your brain......but you are HUMAN! Funny about the naked photo op!!๐Ÿ˜‚

  7. Complain away, it's your right as a person to grouse! And I hope you didn't flash the guy!!

  8. Your shawl is lovely, I'm sure I've got some of that yarn in my stash, I shall have to look. I always wanted to live by a railway ever since I saw The Railway Children as a child.

  9. Have you read many of my posts? I feel like I whine all of the time. :-) But you made me spit hot tea out of my mouth with that last paragraph. Hilarious!
    We watched them go through the entire process of changing the railroad ties last summer while we were at the lake. It was fascinating and I thought the same thing about being done home-schooling! It would have been a great learning experience for the kids.
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog because then I was able to find yours! As for "letting" the kids move, they never asked my permission, they just informed us they were moving. ha! I know how you feel about your grandbaby, that's the hardest of all. My closest ones are 5 1/2 hours away. But life does indeed move on.
    As the famous line goes, now that I know you're here, "I'll be back!"

  10. If he had seen you it would have been a great story! I bet he was far too busy to see you in the window. How cool to have seen all of that on the train tracks, and you are among friends here, this is a safe place for you to whine and buy yarn!