Thursday, November 7, 2019

Three Yarns for Three on Thursday

I'm joining Carol for today's Three on Thursday gathering and I'm hoping you can help me choose which of these three yarns to knit next. 

First choice is a sweater with Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Tweed.
What to knit next?

I don't have the mental bandwidth to knit much more than flat garter or stockinette in the round at the moment.  Casting on may even be a problem.  I have to admit, the new living situation is taking way more out of me than expected.  I knew it wasn't going to be ideal but I was not prepared for the reality. 

I'm sure it will get better once we are all settled and the packing boxes are gone, but that won't be for another week or two.  My husband is still staying at the old house doing the final cleaning and punch-out type stuff.  He's living on a mattress on the floor so he's cranky and not available to help us and the MIL went 48 hours without sleep which means I went 47 hours without sleep so I'm cranky....  Oh, and there's a spider in the shower stall and Mike's not here to take care of it.  

The whole situation is an eye opening, frustrating adjustment.  But, we are getting to spend precious time with the MIL and as of next week, we'll no longer have a mortgage payment and will be 100% debt free.  I just need to keep reminding myself of that.  Besides, sleep is underrated.

Anyway...  Enough whining.  Let's get on with my three yarn choices.

Do I knit a simple hat or maybe some mittens with that lovely brown wool from Love Ewe Farm?  My hesitation on that idea is that (1) I don't have the mental capacity to deal with dpns and I've never been a fan of magic loop.  And (2) I feel like that yarn deserves more than simple stockinette in the round.  And (3) this choice would involve winding the yarn and while I have unpacked my swift, I haven't come across my winder yet.

Or do I start a Close to You shawl with that pretty bluey, purpley, greenish skein of Mountain Colors Twizzlefoot I picked up at the Center of the Yarniverse's birthday bash/grand opening of the new, bigger shop a few weeks ago?  I'm dying to knit with this yarn, I think it would be an excellent match for the pattern and I've been wanting to knit a Close to You for ages.  But... this yarn needs to be wound too.  

My third choice is a Garnet Heather sweater out of Wool of the Andes Tweed.  I really, really want to knit myself a sweater but I haven't decided on a pattern and I'm not in the mood for gauge swatching.  Like I ever actually am, or even do, for the matter.  Who am I kidding here??  But.... while I don't want to swatch, I also don't want to knit a sweater that doesn't fit and the yarn looks thinner than 'normal' Wool of the Andes.  According to the ball band it's the same but...  I've never knit with the Tweed before so I'd be afraid to guestimate like we all know I will actually do when I finally start knitting a sweater.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.


  1. First things first, wind the two skeins. Even if you're not ready to knit with them, they'll be ready to go when you are. As to the mittens, have you tried using two circulars? That was my go-to method for socks for a long time. And as to the tweed, I can't tell you from experience whether it is thinner than the non-tweed, but you'll want to wash your swatch, and it might bloom.

    One step at a time -- you got this!

  2. You poor thing. I know just how you feel. I spent a few years sleeping on my dad's kitchen floor on a mattress so I could keep an eye on him before we finally could get him into a nursing home. They were such hard times. I say knit what ever the heck you want. You sound like you really need to "spark some joy" to stay afloat. I was lucky. I had my dad's quilting projects to keep me busy, He's been gone two years now and I'm still working on what he left behind. Even on his worst days the man was a machine.

  3. Ha, I can't help you with that. I'd be bummed with decisions like that too. Don't you have a scrap or loose ball of yarn somewhere that's big enough to knit a simple slouch hat with? That's my go to knitting when things are though. Especially after the ribbing and the increases it's just knit, knit, knit. Got to love that. Knitting a stockinette cowl would work too ;-)
    I wish I could come over and help you get settled. Wishing you all the strength you need (and doing my best to think that spider into retreating somewhere else).

  4. I'm inclined to encourage you to go for the shawl since you said how much you love the colors. Find that ball winder, lady! And just be gentle with yourself. This is a huge adjustment and it sounds like you're on your own quite a bit. I imagine things will feel more normal once your husband is there with you full time.

  5. I have to agree about starting by winding the yarn. I’m thinking that blue, purple, green might be the ticket to lifting your spirits. My mom lived with Alzheimer’s for almost 10 years and my dad is sinking into dementia. This caregiving means we need to find ways to keep our own hearts light. What better way than having something lovely to knit. Take care.

  6. I vote for winding the yarn and going with the shawl first. The color should help perk things up for you. Just remember (as everyone has said) to be gentle with yourself. That spider needs to LEAVE!!!

  7. I enjoyed knitting Close To You. It was relaxing but not boring.

  8. I think you should go get new yarn that's already wound and is an easy pattern to knit. You deserve it!

  9. I vote for the shawl in hopes the pretty colors will lift your spirits. A shawl of garter stitch with no gauge swatch is my comfort knitting. Take good care of yourself.

  10. I would definitely kill a spider for you :) Moving is very stressful and all I can say is that it will be over one day. Write lists and delegate if you can.