Friday, November 22, 2019

It has to happen

It has to happen.  I must put myself on a yarn diet.

Ordinarily I'd say there's no such thing as too much yarn but in this house...

yarn stash

Yes, I feel a bit like Harry Potter, except that I live in the attic instead of under the stairs.  

But the yarn....  almost that whole back wall, that giant tower of Rubbermaid tubs, the giant cedar chest not in the picture, the couple of boxes and a giant knitting bag beside my chair, also not in the photo....

Yep.  It must be done.  The yarn diet starts now.  My new rule is, I can only bring more yarn in if (1) a customer wants something custom made with a specific color/yarn, (2) I need (like, really, really Need, not just want) a skein to finish a project, (3) I inherit a 36 room mansion from some long lost and unknown relative or (4) yarn magically appears on my doorstep.

This new rule has been in effect for about two hours and I'm already starting to twitch.  

I'm fairly certain I don't have any long lost relatives.

Gosh!  I sure hope yarn magically appears on my doorstep!


  1. Wow, that's a great stash! Mine consists of about four skeins and some scraps.
    But I'm helping you wish for that yarn to magically appear. Wouldn't that be great? (that kind of magic is more than welcome here too...)

  2. Sorry to say that you just made me feel better about the size of my stash! But I feel your pain -- it's hard to limit yourself, even when you know it's the responsible thing to do. I'm not being too strict with myself, but I am trying to make a concerted effort to work with what's already in my stash.

  3. That's a whole lotta yarn, there! Good luck with your stash diet. :-)

  4. I feel so much better about my yarn stash after seeing this. LOL Good luck with your yarn diet!

  5. I am so proud of myself. I couldn't sleep last night from allergies and I made the mistake of going on Ravelry and looking at patterns and the next thing I knew I had a cart full of Knit Picks yarn. Thankfully I came to my senses and cleared that cart even though they are having their big sale. I should feel better about it this morning but I don't. Nothing feels better than knowing you've got yarn on the way. Sigh.

  6. when I put all of my yarn in my walk in closet a week or so ago, I thought the same thing!! I am trying to USE what I own before the knee jerk purchase. However, I will continue to buy vacation yarn and when I am in a yarn store since I haven't one locally anymore.

  7. Oh boy! I'd be twitching too - lol. i do feel better about my stash now, so thank you for that!

  8. That is a lot of yarn! I have made myself shop from stash for a while now and only treat myself with yarn if I don't have the kind needed to make a particular project. I have donated a tone of yarn in recent years to organizations that help make blankets and scarves for the homeless. My yarn goes to good use and I get more space, it is a win-win. Good luck wiith your stash.

  9. Hold Fast! I loved all your options. May the best one win!

  10. How did you get a picture of my attic room/stash and how did you know about my blanket chest full of yarn? Ignore the yarn all over in small project bags. Just don't let my husband catch on to the full extent. It was my money, but.... :) I think you and I must be sisters!