Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Four out of Twelve

I went to the Montpelier Fiber Festival this past weekend and had a blast.  As always, there were the sheep dog trials and sheep shearing to watch, good food and the the I-can't-live-without-it strawberry lemonade stand, and of course, yarn shopping.

My little red VW bug.

Being the good and faithful blogger that I am, I only took one picture.  All there was to see and do and I took one picture.  Of my car.  Oh well.  The day was cool and cloudy.  A perfect day for a nice ride in the JGKnits mobile.  Little Red just loves going to fiber festivals.

In preparation for the festival, for a little over a week I had "No Sock Yarn!" signs posted on my bedroom mirror and calendar as well as using the sign for my laptop screensaver.  The idea was to remind myself not to buy a single skein of sock yarn.  Or fingering weight.  Fingering is what I really meant.  I'm over run with fingering/sock yarn.  My yarn stash is huge but it only contains 2 skiens of DK/sport weight and zero skeins of multicolored worsted weight.  I wanted to change that therefore, No Sock Yarn!

How'd I do with that plan you ask?

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Out of the twelve skeins of yarn I purchased, four of them were not sock weight.  


Not a very good percentage, but let's face it - it's a better percentage than I really expected.

And please, forgive the boxes.  The closing on our house is set for three weeks from yesterday and I'm starting to panic a little bit.  Life is going to be nothing but packing boxes for a while so I've decided to embrace them rather than try to hide them.


Yarn...  Left to right:

A dirt cheap Malabrigo Rios in "Camaleon."  There was a huge booth selling four yarn shops' worth of yarn, all half priced.  I bought a few skeins (the others were of course sock weight) and told myself I'd go back and take another look at the end of the day.  My wallet is thankful I forgot to go back.

Next in line is a Shirsty Cat skein of DK merino in The Heart of the Forest colorway.  I just love this one!  It's all deep blues and greens and golden browns.

Third from the left is an Unplanned Peacock superwash Merino, DK weight in Fox.  This one might be my fall favorite.  It's not quite orange, not quite red, not quite rust colored.  And I absolutely love it!

And last but not least, an aran weight superwash merino also from Unplanned Peacock.  I love the color but I'm not sure about its name, Kale.  Sarah picked this one out and wants a new hat made from it.

Actually, I think I'll knit hats with all of these.  Or maybe fingerless mitts.  I don't think any of them have enough yardage for finger covering mittens.  My intention was to buy enough DK and/or worsted  for baby sweater knitting but....  The yarn fumes got to me and I just started throwing single skeins into my cart.

Oh well.  There's always next year's festival.


  1. I like the worsted skeins! I have the same problem with buying single skeins rather than enough for a sweater, but there's always the option to fade them!

    1. Funny, I stumbled across a pattern this morning that I liked and I've spent the entire day thinking about how weird it would look if I faded it. I just might have to find out!

  2. I hear ya....the same thing happened to me at the SVFF. I went completely nuts. I still haven't even unpacked the stuff. In fact, until I saw your post I'd forgotten all about it.
    I love your car!!! Those tags are just too cute.

    1. Thanks! I LOVE my car too! She's quirky and about 60% of her features don't work but.... She's just such a happy little car and SO much fun to drive. And best of all, she was dirt cheap to buy and I usually only spend about $25 a month on gas. I just love my little, happy, crappy car!

  3. I love that photo you took ... and I hope you have a BIG box to house all those single skeins you'll be moving ;-) at least you have yarn worth moving. and those four skeins from the latest addition look like they'll be really in your new home!

  4. Oh, I have several really BIG boxes for my yarn. No chance it will get left behind! :)

  5. I love it!!! It all looks fabulous and will come in handy.

  6. You did great!!!! You have plans for them so they are a prize!!! I love the one farthest left colorize!

  7. beautiful yarn adoptions! The less photos means you are having the best time :)

  8. Best of luck with your packing. (Such a nasty job. . . ) And your car is adorable!