Friday, September 20, 2019


Apparently I've forgotten how to purl.

I'm embarrassed to even show the finished Newborn Vertebrae sweater.  For once I'm happy the photo is blurry and taken in bad lighting.  The shadows and blurriness help hide the flaws.

How could I botch something so simple, so badly?  Apparently I've forgotten how to purl.

When I think back to most, if not all my 2019 projects, they've been either stockinette in the round, flat garter or open lacework where the purl vs. knit gauge didn't matter that much.  But take a look...

Good grief!  Look at the difference between the body of the sweater knit flat and the sleeve knit in the round.  

Good stinking grief!

I need to go back to beginner's knitting class.

So, this little sweater will be saved for those days when the laundry hasn't been done in two weeks, baby is extra spitty, and they don't leave the house. 

Good grief!


  1. Is it possible you were wrapping your purls the opposite way? Or is it just a gauge difference?

  2. Did you maybe switch needle sizes when you knit the sleeves? It's still a sweet sweater . . . and the babe won't care. XO

  3. Oy! I hate when that happens...
    But it's still a cute sweater. And I love the color!

  4. Looks okay to me! And maybe it'll be invisible when you wash it several times - I think it looks quite pretty!!

  5. I do that too. I forget to tension my purls correctly when I get going too fast. My garter stitch is atrocious.

  6. I think we should blame that cold of yours, it had to mess with your brain cells.

  7. Even with blocking? It will be loved no matter. If the issue continues use a smaller needle on one end of the needle and make sure it's used when you are purling.

  8. And we all know there are THOSE days in baby ville! I love the color. Sorry you goofed