Sunday, September 22, 2019

Sunday Supper - Zucchini Boats

Tonight's Sunday Supper recipe is repeat meal for us and another one of those 'so simple it doesn't need a recipe' recipes.  Actually, there really isn't a recipe.  I'd seen one of those Facebook recipe things that pop up on my screen more often than I'd like and it sounded really good.  You sliced a zucchini very thinly, length wise. and wrapped it around a string cheese stick, baked it, then dipped it in tomato sauce.  So simple, I didn't bother writing down the recipe.

super simple, super quick meal using healthy ingredients

But when it came time to slice the zucchini thinly enough to wrap around a cheese stick... I didn't have much luck.  Using a knife didn't produce thin enough strips and using the slicer thing on my box grater didn't produce long enough slices.

Besides the trouble I was having slicing the zucchini properly, I was hungry and impatient for dinner.  Not to mention my husband was in the living room acting like a spoiled toddler and grumbling about how it didn't sound good and he wanted something else.  

zucchini boats made with zucchini, string cheese and spaghetti sauce

But I was determined.  We were having zucchini, string cheese and a bottle of spaghetti sauce.

Those zucchini strips weren't having it though.  

zucchini boats, a super fast, super delicious, low fat and healthy meal or snack

I got an idea.  Instead of thinly slicing the zucchini into strips, I cut them in half length wise, scraped out the insides to form a 'canoe' shape.  I laid a cheese stick in the 'canoe', filled a deep frying pan with lots of zucchini canoes and poured a jar of sauce over and around them.  Not wanting to waste that first zucchini or all the scraped out 'guts', I minced the slices and dumped it all into the pan too, sort of stirring it into the sauce.  Then I put a lid on it and cooked it until the sauce was bubbling, the cheese was melted and I was too hangry to wait any longer.

By this time, the husband was hungry enough to try it and just like Mikey, he liked it!  The whole family liked it actually.  The spouse even liked it enough to ask that it be added to the routine meal rotation!  And of course, we gobbled it all down before it ever occurred to me to take a photo.


  1. Sounds delicious! If only I could convince the others in my family to eat zucchini!

  2. That does sound yummy!!!

  3. This sounds delicous! (oh my, I do miss eating cheese...)

  4. It does sound really good...but my husband won't eat zucchini!

  5. I like zucchini chocolate bread.....other than that.. well not so much! Glad your family like your dinner