Sunday, September 8, 2019

Sunday Supper - Cabbage & Sausage

Today's Sunday Supper recipe is super simple.  So super simple it doesn't require an actual recipe.  

At the moment, my 'let's get healthy'  eating plan consists of eating home cooked meals, eating more vegetables and cutting out boxed foods.  I'm also trying to eat more in-season foods.  I figure not only are they healthier but they also help with the budget.  In theory.


recipe for cabbage and sausage
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Today's 'recipe' is cabbage and sausage.  So, so simple!  

Open a tube of pork sausage (we use Jimmy Dean's usually) and dump it into a large, hot frying pan.  Break the log up by smashing it with a spatula.  

While the sausage is cooking (remember to stir it around and break up the lumps a little more,) chop a head of cabbage in slightly larger pieces than you'd use for making coleslaw.  My go-to method is to cut the cabbage in half, remove the stem part, the slice each half in quarter inch slices, then turn the cutting board and cut across those slices two or three times.

Once the sausage is no longer pink, drain most of the grease off, add the cabbage, shake on some garlic salt and lots of pepper, stir, cover, and let cook, stirring occasionally, until the cabbage reaches your desired softness.  Personally I like mine tender but not mushy.  I also like to turn the heat up a little, remove the lid and let some of it brown.

I used to make this with bacon, but bacon is more expensive and my husband eats it like I eat chocolate.  I couldn't keep bacon on hand.  One shopping trip, there was a sausage display near the vegetable section and I was feeling lazy.  Instead of walking back to the back of the store to grab the forgotten bacon, I grabbed a thing of sausage.  It all comes from the same animal, right?

I discovered that I like the sausage version better.  It's less greasy and not as fiddly as cooking bacon.  Did I mention I'm lazy??  Another benefit to the sausage version is that it's Much better at room temperature than the bacon version.  At work, I end up eating all my meals at room temperature because I'm considered on call and I don't get a dinner break.  I heat my food in the microwave, and the very moment the timer goes off, a line of people waiting for my help forms.  I deal with the line, reheat my food and Bam!  Another line has formed.  I've given up trying to eat hot food and have learned to eat everything at room temperature.  And the less greasy sausage version is Much better at room temperature.


  1. I LOVE cabbage. I just picked one up yesterday to make soup and now I have a beautiful half leftover that I'm going to saute with onions.

  2. I have never eaten cook cabbage, except for in egg rolls. Must give it a try.

  3. We love cabbage around here ... raw and cooked. My husband grew up with a dish called Cabbage and Noodles that was cabbage wilted in olive oil with a lot of pepper, combined with little shell pasta. also stuffed cabbage. I ate sauerkraut. I think your recipe sounds great!

  4. This sounds great and I, too, love cabbage. I'm going to give this a try!

  5. I just read your recipe to Fireman. I WOULD EAT THAT! he said. Ok. Nuff said. I'll make it for him

  6. I love simple recipes, they usually turn out the tastiest recipes too.