Saturday, September 21, 2019

Fable Fur

I don't normally post on Saturdays but I am SO excited about a new yarn being offered by Knit Picks, I had to make an exception.  And yes, I could have waited until my normally scheduled Tuesday post to tell you about it, but Knit Picks is offering a coupon code on their home page for a free skein when you order a set of bulky interchangeable needles.  But hurry!  The coupon code expires on Monday.

Knit a super fast, super easy faux fur cowl.
Fable Fur from Knit Picks

Fable Fur.  Oh. My. Goodness!  

When Knit Picks introduced it a week or two ago I knew I'd either love it or hate it.  Fake fur things aren't normally my thing.  The mention of it does one of two things.  It either mentally sends me to a Walmart's clearance clothing aisle or it takes me back to the '80's and all those colorful 'fun fur' scarves we knit back in the day.  Neither of which are good things.  But it's Knit Picks and I am an affiliate (I'll be up front about that) and it's their new yarn.  I should try it.  So I ordered some.

And Oh. My. Goodness!

First of all, the yarn is crazy soft.  CRAZY soft!  

Second, it's bulky and knits up super fast. SUPER fast!

I stopped by my LYS to purchase US 15 needles because I didn't own any that large.  I went from the LYS to my knitting group meeting.  I sat down and cast on the Ephemeral Cowl, a free pattern designed for Fable Fur, knit a few rows, passed the cowl around for others to feel and pet, knit a few rows, moved to another table to chat with others, knit a few rows, passed the cowl around some more, knit a few more rows... Drove home, knit a few more rows, cast off, sewed the ends together (the cowl is knit flat,) wove in my ends and...

Presto Magic!  A ready to be gifted cowl, (Or kept for myself.  After all, who are we kidding here??)  knit in under 3 1/2 hours, start to finish.  

faux fur from knit picks
Ephemeral Cowl knit with Fable Fur

So to answer the question, Will I love it or will I hate it?   Oh, I definitely love it.  The daughter even loves it!  And yes, I've ordered more.  

And I'm sitting here thinking, "You know, that would make a really cool blanket."  I just might have to place a third order.

And since you might be wondering.... 

This cowl was knit with the Kuma colorway on US 15 needles.

I don't normally knit with bulky yarns.  Actually, I avoid them like the plague.  Bulky yarns make my hands hurt.  But this Fable Fur didn't.  Not at all.  

As for actually knitting with the yarn, it's probably not for absolute beginners.  I couldn't see my stitches, I had to feel for them.  Just like the 'fun fur' of the '80's.  But unlike that horrible fun fur of the '80's, the stitches were easy to feel.  The yarn is bulky after all and it's easy to tell if you have your needle in a stitch unlike that awful thread like, hairy stuff of back in the day.

And yes, if you are on my Christmas gift list, you can expect to receive a posh, fur cowl this year.


  1. That is so fun!!! I don't think you can get warmer or cozier than that!

  2. Love that, and I hate fur yarn but might try one skein just for fun.

  3. Now I want to place an order and make a cowl I will never wear because I live in Florida. Still it looks so soft!

  4. I was ready to turn up my nose, and then I saw it, the finished cowl!!!! I must have some.

  5. ah, impulse knitting at its finest! I'm glad you posted about it now, your enthusiasm shows. Looks great!