Thursday, August 15, 2019

Three on Thursday - An Oops Trifecta

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I'm experiencing a trifecta of oops's this week.

First, and most exciting,

Knit Picks Hawthorne yarn
Reyna knit with Hawthorne's The Pearl

My Reyna is on the blocking mats.  Yay!!  But good grief!  Look at that squiggly edge I have pinned.  Good thing this one's for me and it will be casually worn because it's almost completely dry and I'm not going to the trouble to re-wet and re-pin it.  Despite the squiggly edge, I'm going to love this shawl.  While the yarn is called The Pearl, and it does look like the inside of an oyster shell, it also looks like denim and you know how I have a thing for denim.  Now, let's just hope my daughter allows me to wear it with my jeans without accusing me of wearing a Canadian tuxedo.

Yes, there is a baby sweater on the needles.  That's a sleeve with a pen for size reference.  The pattern says it's for newborns up to three months but my gauge is off (imagine that!) and it may fit a three year old, not a three month old.   Oh well.  It's scrap  yarn, good practice, and babies come in all sizes.  Besides, both my kids were huge at birth and neither of them were able to wear newborn clothing.  Is size hereditary?  If it is, sorry Megan!

Sock Labs Stroll yarn,

And easiest to fix but the most disappointing....  I must have knit on the purl side of my Out of Winter shawl.  There's also something funky about a row's worth of stitches a bit above those knitted purls.  

Or are they purled knits?  Who knows.  Either way, they'll have to be redone.  I'm frustrated about it because I didn't begin to make as much progress as expected while traveling to this past weekend's family reunion.  I ended up riding in the back seat of a minivan and got horribly car sick every time I tried to knit.  I've never had that problem before and hope it was a minivan back seat issue and not a general riding in the car issue.  If I can no longer knit and ride, my life may as well be over.  

But while I'm frustrated about having to fix those stitches, I'm happy to spend more time with this yarn.  This Sock Labs Stroll is unbelievably soft and a delight to knit with.  

Join me over at Carole's for today's Three on Thursday link up.


  1. I always have a hard time getting edges straight when I block. But I've also enjoyed wearing all the shawls I've blocked. And, when wearing, the (supposed to be) straight lines are usually not visible anyway. Love that green color for the baby sweater (and I don't know any baby - other than preemies - that have fit in newborn clothes!

  2. Oh, dear....I can relate to all of those issues I am sad to say. I can't knit in the backseat either. I get terribly sea sick so I need to always have at least one eye on the horizon that's in the direction I am traveling and I can't do that from the backseat.

  3. Completely straight edges are for people with too much time on their hands, and Reyna will look great when you wear it. Sorry to hear about the knitting while riding issue. I do hope it's just a minivan thing and not the state of things now. That would be tragic indeed!

  4. Jeannie, your post makes me think of an adorable cardigan I knitted for my 1-yr-old. Well, she's 8 now. And the sweater fits! (Actually, she started wearing it, comfortably, 2 years ago...but that cotton keeps growing right along with her). When it comes to baby stuff, I say better too big than too small, since they grow so darned fast!

  5. As oops go, I could live with those! My oops today had me ripping back 16 rows!!! Argh!