Sunday, August 25, 2019

Sunday Supper - Grilled Chicken with Blueberry Salsa

I'm hoping my husband will go for today's Sunday Supper plan.

Without using the word 'healthy' in any form, I've been slowly trying to get my husband to eat better.  He's a red meat and potatoes kind of guy.  And a pie guy.  He likes his pie.  We both need to eat healthier.  Healthier and less. I just can't use the word 'healthy' in front of him.  But we've got a grandbaby on the way.  We've got to get in better shape!
Blueberry Salsa, courtesy of

So, today's recipe is for blueberry salsa served over simple grilled chicken.  The recipe is from AllRecipes and in his eyes, I think the jalapeno pepper spiciness will makeup for the fact that it has blueberries in it. 

We're going to get healthy if it kills me.  Plus, we get to use up a few more of those blueberries we have stockpiled in the fridge.  It's a win/win meal plan.


  1.'s me Araignee. Google's not letting me sign in anymore from my blog reader. Boooooo.....

  2. Oh that salsa looks and sounds delicious! I never would have thought of adding blueberries to salsa.

  3. You make me laugh. Mmm Blueberries in salsa.. YUM