Sunday, July 21, 2019

Sunday Supper - Zucchini Marinara

Today's Sunday Supper will be grilled chicken and Zucchini Marinara.

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The recipe for Zucchini Marinara is one of my favorite types - the kind you make up on the fly.  And it's blatantly stolen from Highly Reasonable.  The moment I read her blog post about things to do with zucchini, I begged my daughter to run to the local vegetable stand.  

Why am I not growing my own zucchini???


  1. I miss the days of always having too much zucchini. You can do so much with it. Ratatouille was always my favorite summer dish when I had a garden going. It never occurs to me to just go buy the darn ingredients.

  2. My neighbor gave me two, I can mail them to you. LOL!

  3. That sounds delicious!

  4. YUM! My husband hates zucchini with a passion, so not sure I will make it...maybe a small version just for moi!

  5. Hahahaha I dont know Why aren't you? I got a volunteer squash better yield a edible!