Friday, July 5, 2019

Making Mama Proud

It's not pretty, or big, or knitting related... but my mama would be so proud!

Picked a ripe tomato before the fourth of July
First tomato, 7/3/19

It was always a huge thing, a major source of pride, something to be worshiped and more importantly, something to brag about to the ladies at the pool when you got a ripe tomato before the fourth of July.  

Granted, it may be only slightly larger than a golf ball, but mine plucked itself from the vine on July 3.


  1. I grew three tomatoes a few years ago and I was so proud. It cost me a million dollars to get the planers, plants, organic fertilizer and all, still I got three of them before the caterpillars came and ate all of them! Enjoy yours.

  2. well don't you have a green thumb! I'm hoping that we have volunteer tomato plants this year....since we didn't plant a veg garden