Monday, July 1, 2019

52 Weeks - Fears

Today's 52 Weeks Blog Challenge topic is my fears.  Wow!  This list could be even longer than my favorite snack list.  I'm a little bit neurotic and I know it.  Laugh if you will but in no particular order...

1.  The dentist but I've already covered that so I won't go into details.  And I was happy to see I wasn't alone in my dental fears.  Sorry for you, but thank you for the recent commiseration.

2.  Adult diapers.  Or more specifically, the need for them.

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3.  Black panthers in trees.  I'm fairly certain I've covered this ridiculous fear here on the blog at some point but it bears repeating.  Ever since reading the Little House books as a child, I've been terrified of black panthers lurking in the tree tops at night, just waiting to pounce on me.  Did you read the books?  Do you remember when Pa was late returning home and the panther was in the trees stalking him?  Yeah, well, you can't convince me that there are not panthers in the trees just waiting to get me.  I can read Jaws while laying on the beach and jump into the water with no problems, but... But those panthers - they are out there.  And they are out to get me.

4.  7-11's.  I've discussed that fear before too.  Actually, I don't like any small convenience store but 7-11's especially.  It's a shame because I do love a good slurpee.

5.  Dying and my husband discovering the actual size of my yarn stash.  Even worse than  him discovering it is the fear of him throwing it away rather than handing it over to my fellow knitters.  Forever let it be known that I'm perfectly fine with you coming to raid my stash within minutes of my final breath.

6.  The kids getting into a car accident.  I'm So neurotic about it.  Every time, every single time, my phone alerts me to an accident in an area they might be in, I have to verify it wasn't them.

7.  Accidentally felting a newly finished sweater or socks knit from expensive yarn.

8.  Suffering a stroke or any kind of health thing that leaves me unable to move or speak but aware.  Please, if that ever happens, for the love of God, unplug me.  Quickly.

9.  The neighbor's dog.  It frequently runs loose at night and comes by for a visit when I get home from work in the wee hours and am standing at the door trying to find my key in the dark.  The dog looks like a coyote (size, shape and color) and it about gives me a heart attack every time.  He manages to sneak up on me and tends to growl.  And maybe he's not growling at me.  Maybe he's growling at a panther up in the trees.

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10.  Knitting intricate lace without a life line and the interchangeable needle coming unscrewed from the cable.

I'm sure I could think of a thousand more fears if I tried but that's enough.  You don't need to know All my deep, dark secrets.


  1. Oh....we share some fears especially that car accident one. Because of our huge deer population and the many times they caused me to have an accident I won't let the kids come here if they have to be here after dark. They are sick of hearing me say "watch for deer". I am neurotic about it.
    Strokes scare me too. Almost everyone in my dad's nursing home had suffered one and many were younger than me. Scary stuff.

    1. Oh yeah - deer! That's one good thing about my job and my late night/early morning drive home. It has taught me to spot the deer in the dark. I'm better at it than my husband now & he was born & raised in the country while I was a city kid.

  2. Yup - we have similar fears. I need to add snakes and spiders.

    1. Oh! Spiders! I forgot my fear of spiders - or mentally blocked the thought of them. :) While I am afraid of black widows, I'm terrified of brown recluses after reading a Stephen King novel. I'm convinced every single spider out there is a brown recluse if it isn't shiny, black and round.

  3. Hmn, I don't think listing my fears would do me any good right now. We do share a few...

    1. Your bats terrify me! So glad you aren't having to deal with them anymore.

  4. Oh dear! I just learned there are snakes on a nearby lake and on its beach area.. ICK Fear! Wont be going there! I fear relapses with depression. I try to imagine it never happening again. IT terrifies me, but now I know it is just time and quick management by my excellent doctor and even if it does happen again, we will get through it. Oh I am also afraid of quicksand but conveniently forgot about it while hiking iN zion where there is quicksand!

  5. OMG!!! I read this to my daughter and we couldn't keep from laughing. I'm sorry, we should have, but we couldn't help ourselves. My fear, leaving my foot dangling off the bed and the witch underneath will grab me and pull me under the bed. Not sure what she plans to do with me under the bed, but I'm still sure she's waiting to grab my foot. And bridges. I am so sure they are going to collapse when I get halfway over.