Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Yarn Crawl Part 4 - Center of the Yarniverse

Our final stop on the James River Yarn Crawl was at 'my' yarn shop.  My LYS. The Center of the Yarniverse

 I felt bad because I'd intended to spend the bulk of my crawl budget there but....  Well, we all know how much will power I don't have when it involves yarn shopping.

But even though my wallet was empty and my poor little card was practically a melted puddle of plastic, I was still able to grab a few awesome yarns.

Stop #3 on the James River Yarn Crawl was to Center of the Yarniverse.

First and most boring, I grabbed a skein of Cascade in Sunflower.  This one was actually on my shopping list.  I have some other Cascade yarns and I wanted a golden colored one to use as an accent.

Pictured at the bottom, Poly from Urban Girl Yarns.  Poly is 480 yards of superwashed merino in beautiful beachy colors.  I'm not 100% sure, but I imagine Poly will become a shawl one of these days.

Next, at 9:00 in the photo, is a mini-skein set from Unplanned Peacock Studio.  I'm quite excited about this one.  I've knit with Unplanned Peacock's yarn before and have always loved it.  And while this set's colors are not my normal (although you'd never know it from looking at that photo!) I'm super excited to knit with them.  The yarns and accompanying shawl pattern (found here) were specially made for the yarn crawl.  The yarn's colors are Center of the Yarniverse's brand colors and the shawl was designed by a friend specially for the mini-skein set.  Andrea, the designer, creates wonderful, well written and thoroughly tested patterns so definitely check them out.

And finally, the skein of Eden from Sublime yarns that I've already begun knitting with.


And I made sure to get my photo taken with Purl before leaving the shop.  Purl is the store's mascot.  She's a sheep made out of a pompoms. 

Now, I just need to knit!


  1. I must say - you have an AWESOME LYS!! Love your yarn choices, especially the mini-skien set and the special yarn crawl shawl. (also thinking maybe it's just as good there isn't a Yarn Crawl thing where I live!)

  2. Another beautiful yarn haul. And I love that picture of you!

  3. What a great haul!!! That picture of you is great and Purl is fabulous too. I'm off to look at the shawl pattern (and others....)

  4. Wait, we're not supposed to just sit and pet the yarn? Who knew?

  5. love that last photo of you being happy with a sheep! Your boring cascade yarn is my jam! Lovely purchases and I'd say you have enough yarn from your crawl to last for a bit!

  6. Looks like you had a fun day. Sometimes you just need a workhorse yarn in a basic color. Lovely yarns and the sheep is darling.

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