Thursday, June 27, 2019

Three on Thursday - Gardening

I think my previous posts have proved I'm not a gardener.  However, there are a few plants I haven't killed yet.

My mom always called these "out house lilies" because they'll grow anywhere, under any condition.  They'll even grow in my yard!

I think that's viburnum, but I'm really not sure.  What ever it is, it doesn't mind driveway gravel and occasionally being backed into or hit with a car door.

And of course, the wild strawberries.  They are everywhere this year!

Joining Carole and friends for Three on Thursday.


  1. My yard is nothing but wild strawberries this year. It's driving The Mister crazy.
    My mother had those lilies all over her yard. I transplanted some but all I got was the green. Not a one bloomed. Too much shade I guess.

  2. Those lilies are gorgeous. Our son has wild strawberries all over his yard.

  3. I love those lilies! The viburnum looks great too (I also like easy plants) and wild strawberries are fun. So I guess your garden is doing great ;-)

  4. That's a spirea . . . not a viburnum. And they are great in the garden because they're lovely and easy and adaptable! (Just like your "outhouse" daylilies!!!!) I regularly do battle with the wild strawberries, too . . . (they are also easy and adaptable) (unfortunately). :-)