Friday, June 14, 2019

Friday Makers? It's just not the same

I'm bringing back Makers' Monday for just one day and on a Friday.  Friday Makers' doesn't exactly have the same ring to it but oh well.  I had intended to write this post way back when I was routinely having Makers' Mondays but for reasons I don't remember, I never got around to it.  


recently posted a photo where you can sort of see my purse hiding in the upper corner. I absolutely LOVE that purse and have always meant to share it's origin with you.

White Oak Pastures is a multigenerational family owned, zero waste farm in Georgia.
grassfed leather clutches from White Oak Pastures

I bought the clutch from White Oak Pastures on Etsy.  I'm not linking to the Etsy shop because it looks like it's closed and they are now directing everyone to their own website.  I hope you will go check them out but be forewarned.  They are a zero-waste farm and as you would expect from a zero-waste farm selling leather goods, there's a lot of meat for sale too.  Even as a rare steak lover, their site can be a little hard to look at.  Their photos are good, and large, and the meats are just a little too 'in your face' until you click on the menu button and find the leather goods section.  But having said that, I hope you'll go check them out.

Leather clutch from White Oak Pastures
White Oak Pastures

The farm is located in Georgia and they sell much more than just leather goods and meat.  I appreciate their farming practices, their love of the land, their handcraft skills and their customer service is excellent.  They even provided me with photos when I mentioned to them that I wanted to brag about my new purse.  If I'd only held up my end of the bargain and bragged about it back then....  But really, I think it says a lot about the product that I'm still loving it a year later.


white oak pastures, a zero waste family owned farm
Leather goods from White Oak Pastures

I Love my clutch!  When I first got it, I was a little worried that the leather would stretch and the closure wouldn't keep it closed.  Happily, I had nothing to worry about.  According to my Etsy purchases list, I've been using my bag daily for almost a year.  It still looks like it did on the day I received it.  It honestly shows zero wear and tear.  And, it has an outside pocket that I hadn't even noticed when I purchased it.  The pocket is a perfect fit for my phone.

So, I hope you'll go check out their website.  They have much more for sale than leather clutches.  They offer a variety of food items in addition to the meats, a large supply of leather goods, some of which are quite unique and pet items.  And no, I'm not being paid for this post although I wish I was.  I need to earn an extra bit of money so I can buy myself this bag.  I really, really want that bag.


  1. I am not a meat eater but I can appreciate good leather. I don't use it myself much (notice the but I do love my Daughter's collection of gorgeous Hermes bags. I just try not to think of the poor cows involved when I swoon over them.

  2. Their leather goods are gorgeous...but I didn't see any prices???

  3. Wow, those look great! The only thing I don't like about good leather is that the bags tend to be heavy, even without anything in them and that causes pain in my shoulders. I love the look, but mostly use my lightweight nylon bag.

  4. I love a good review of a product in blog land! Thanks

  5. I love learning about zero-waste producers. They are fighting the good fight!

  6. I don't eat mammals so seeing meat wouldn't be my thing but those clutches are awesome!! I have so many bags, but hey why not?

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