Thursday, May 23, 2019

Three On Thursday - Memories

I took one of those four hour strolls down memory lane the other night.  Yes, I took the stroll at night.  For once I was all set to go to bed early, at least early for me.  It was one of those perfect moments when I finish knitting a row just as the movie I was watching ended and I began yawning.  All at the same time.

As I always do before bed, I checked the weather for the next day.... and somehow I ended up seeing a Facebook post about 1970's & '80's punk bands.  And I fell down the rabbit hole.  For the next four hours (too bad it wasn't only three,) I recalled my teen years by:

1.  Watching several hours of video on Youtube and slam dancing around my living room.  And yes, I may have been alone but I was moshing and slamming.  Slamming into every piece of furniture we own.  I still have the bruises to prove it. 

photo courtesy of

The stroll down punk rock memory lane had me Googling Going Bananas, a Richmond bar known for featuring punk music back in the day.  The bar shut down long, long ago and I couldn't find much about it online but in the process of searching...

James River Raft Race, photo courtesy of

2.  I was reminded of the James River Raft Races.  Oh. My. Goodness!  Those things were a blast!  And dangerous!  There's nothing like a gazillion drunk fools, floating down the river on homemade rafts while wearing crazy costumes.  The races did raise money for some worth causes though.

3. I have no idea how looking at images of the James River Raft Races lead me to Chuck Richardson, but they did.  Chuck was an outspoken city council member with a slight heroin problem.  The radio stations loved to poke fun of him and I remember driving to school while Spelling with Chuck played on the radio.

I'm joining Carole and friends for Three on Thursday.


  1. How fun! Youtube can do that to you. We often get into that rabbit hole by watching just one music video. Or worse, watchin a commercial from the old days. Ever tried that?

  2. I do that on a regular basis. Last night I started with Irish people eating weird food, went on to soap curl crunching, then kinetic soap cutting and ended up with All in the Family clips. At least I didn't find myself buying things I don't need. That's the worst hole to fall down.

  3. I have enough time sucking issues (candy crush you evil game) thank goodness I haven't gone to YouTube yet. Glad you had a fun night...memory lane is always fun!

  4. It's amazing where a trip down Memory Lane can take you! Sounds like you had a great time! :-)