Thursday, May 30, 2019

Three on Thursday - Growing Things Part 2

What kind of southern woman am I?  I rarely bake and I definitely don't garden.

My tomato plants either have leaves,

Or one tomato.  Of the seven plants, none have both.

The grapevine leaves have taken over and blocked all the teeny tiny grapes from getting any sun.

But the mint is still alive.  It's even spread a teeny tiny bit!  A Very teeny tiny bit.

mint plant transplanted from Buckhill

Joining Carole and friends for Three on Thursday.


  1. The one thing I miss about not having a garden anymore is the smell of tomato plants. They need to put that in a bottle.

  2. Oh, but they're all alive. That's a start ;-)

  3. :-) Growing things is always an adventure! (And I'll be surprised if your mint doesn't spread MORE than a tiny bit. . . )

  4. Yeah, that mint will take over EVERYTHING!!! But mojitos are really, really good!!

  5. I so enjoy seeing everyone's gardens. IT was such a long winter! Val from Wandering Cat knit blog sent me some seeds and they are coming up!

  6. I just did some photos of what's growing but none of them are vegetables. Until he retires I think a vegetable garden is a dream :)

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