Tuesday, May 21, 2019

The polls are open

Thank you all so much for the kind, congratulatory words regarding my recently finished blanket.  I can not express how good it feels to have it completed.  And I mean, actually completed!  As in, ends woven in, put away in the blanket chest for the summer completed.  Not just the knitting finished and ends left hanging.  Actually completed!

But on to the prayer shawl....

Knitting a prayer shawl with purple Manos Del Uruguay yarn
Manos Del Uruguay Prayer Shawl

Well, that's a horribly lit photo.  It's storming.  Again.  And the natural light in my house is non existent.  

I mentioned the other day that I'd made a mistake so I threw in an open lacy row to cover it up.  Then I attempted to make that look planned.  Obviously I'm making this design up as I go and I'm not following a predetermined pattern.

From the beginning, I've been planning to put some kind of lacy border around the bottom.  Originally, the shawl was going to be solid garter with a wide "*yo, k2tog* border.  But now I'm not so sure.  Now I'm thinking about a lacy, as in actual lace pattern, design in a contrasting color.

purple and yellow prayer shawl

I'd been planning to use that skein of yellow Hawthorne... until I got it out of the drawer and introduced it to the Manos Del Uruguay.  They aren't bad together.... but the contrast is kinda... harsh.

Knitting a simple shawl with a little lace and two colors

I really like this pink skein of Hawthorne with it.... but it's kinda pink and blue... and I don't want to look like I'm wearing a baby blanket.  And yes, I have begun thinking of this shawl as mine rather than as a prayer shawl for Sue.  I'm just a tad bit selfish.

Knitting a garter stitch shawl

And when I was trying to stuff the pink and yellow yarns back into the drawer, I noticed this miscellaneous skein of white.  I think I like it best, but will it be too boring?

I have no idea what that white yarn is.  I found a ton of it at a Goodwill years ago and have two skeins left.  Long ago, I knit a Pi shawl with it; it was fantastic to knit with and blocked well.  Other than the crinkly-ness of it, it has the same soft feel to it as the Manos Del Uruguay.  I feel like it play well with the Manos.  What do you think?

The polls are open.  Let me know which option you vote for.


  1. White? I have no talent when it comes to picking colors so my opinion should be immediately disqualified. It's why I love kits so much. I like someone else to so the picking for me.

  2. I love both options colorwise , but I think the white would be better for a prayer shawl. Not boring at all, just beautiful.

  3. I think the white is the best of the choices. :) Love the look of the shawl.

  4. None of the above? But I actually would go with the yellow myself. Not a fan of the white at all.

  5. I'd go with white - I'm sure whatever you pick will be lovely!

  6. So I am going to disagree with everyone. I think you should not change/add any color to the prayer shawl. I think the blue shades are perfect and none of the colors play well with that variegated blue yarn.