Friday, May 10, 2019

On the needles

I just can't even....

diagonally knit blanket knit with self stripping Patons Kroy sock yarn
Kroy Blanket

The ^%$^%#)(* Kroy blanket is Still on the needles!  I thought for sure it would be done by now but....  

It is on 16 inch, rather than 24 inch needles now so that's good.  And while bunched up slightly, the stitches aren't so bunched up that they automatically fall off the needle if I set it down without putting point protectors on them.  That's even better.  

I haven't counted the remaining stitches.  I refuse to do that.  I just don't want to know.   But I've knit three and a quarter skeins since my last post where I guestimated it would take an additional four or five skeins to complete it.  For your sanity and mine, I pray I was right.


  1. It is beautiful...even if it is taking forever...maybe this weekend a finish???

  2. It knows you want to finish. Knitting is evil that way.

  3. I can't ever NOT count stitches, so I admire your restraint!

  4. You are right ! I know you are! It looks so fabulous already ! Go go go

  5. It is beautiful! I can't imagine doing a blanket in fingering weight.

  6. It's beautiful whether it's on the needles or not!!